Monday, September 26, 2005

Knatolee's Nitting

Here are the latest projects. They are examples of fairly mindless knitting, but I love the yarns. They are three different kits from Fleece Artist in Nova Scotia.

Here is a lime shawl knit with “Goldilocks”, which is 56% kid 24% silk 20% nylon. Could it be any easier? Start with three stitches. Add one at the start of each row. Knit in garter stitch. Cast off loosely (my friend Tarantula Pants told me to cast off with larger needles, which worked very well.) Impress your friends and relatives who know nothing about knitting... they don't have to know it's just a giant triangle. This was a good project to work on during boring car trips.

Here is a mostly red scarf, knit with “Slubby” (100% wool) and “Rapunzel” (56% kid 24% silk 20% nylon):

And a close-up (Rasta fringe!):

Same idea, different colours:

Another close-up:

Okay, time perhaps to knit something more technically challenging? Yeah, once I finish churning out a hot pink shawl like the lime one above! :)

Now the hubby is interested in learning to knit. He is fascinated by the “Slubby” stuff. I am thrilled. I have been trying to get him to knit for years. I now have an excuse to drag him back to the knitting store where I dropped $164.00 a mere three weeks ago.


  1. Wow! I love all three of these yarns! Beautiful results.

    That would be great if you could get hubby knitting, if for no other reason then he would be a better stash enabler. I've brought the subject up with my hubby, but he is Not Interested,

  2. Will the husband be knitting himself a winky-warmer??

  3. Tell me where to get this yarn. And tell me NOW.

  4. I now have an excuse to drag him back to the knitting store where I dropped $164.00 a mere three weeks ago.


    Is hubby one of those misguided people who think that it's cheaper to knit your own instead of buying knitted garments and accessories? If so, better get him addicted fast!


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!