Saturday, February 13, 2016


It is pretty darn cold today... thermometer was at almost -30C when I got up and the windchill is supposed to be -37C or something today. Winter in Canada. Fortunately it was still warm enough last night for our riding lesson...

Gordon and his girlfriend Sandy

Me and my boyfriend Roo.

I wish I'd started riding when I was a little kid. It is so much fun! We both love going to lessons.

Gordon said my horse has a big ass!!

The nerve!

The place where take lessons and board our horses has just put on a beautiful new addition with nine new box stalls. Lucky Roo and Sandy got to move into the new building this week.

Sandy needs a trim!

I caught her bucking when Gordon went into a canter in our lesson yesterday (this is grainy -- it's from the video I took) Just a little one...

Hahahah! Gordon thought she tripped. ANyway, they just kept on going. Last week, Sandy tripped on fell on her front knees but this time, unlike last time this happened, he didn't fall off! She's a bit of a lazy gal and we think she gets so lazy, she trips over her own feet. Gordon needs to wake her up a bit.

Today is a good day to stay indoors! Our ponies and donkey are staying inside today.


  1. Brrr! But I love the horse pics! A bit chilly here today, too. Right now at nearly 7 p.m., it's an icy 19C... Seriously, we were whining about how cold it was. (But the cyclonic winds are whistling through everything.)

  2. Have the vet check Sandy for Equine wobbler Syndrome it could be the reason she stumbles so much . Lovely photos , both horses are soo cute and you both look good on them . I miss riding as I was raised on a farm with horses and riding , training and breaking them to . It is nasty cold out and windy here to and we have had snow squalls on and off since yesterday and heavy at times then the sun comes out for a bit then on and on lol !. Thanks for sharing , have a good day and a Happy Valentines Day to you both and all the animals .

  3. Gordon's horse looks short and squaty compared to yours.

  4. A big ass is a good thing on a Quarter Horse. So you could just take it as a compliment ;)

  5. Your winter has been nothing but extremes. Keep warm and safe and look after the critters.

  6. Oh you and your horses are just so cute.

    Crazy cold at your place. Has been a hot 25 deg here in nz for a couple of weeks.

  7. That's just a crow hop! My mare Vedas has been known to ask, "Does this saddle make my ass look big?" I don't tell her it's not the saddle.

  8. Such a sweet sight, but then again, all your animals take on their own personalities in your family! XOXO


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