Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Goatness me!

First off, it was my birthday last weekend and LOOK what my friend Ronna made for me this year!!!!

LOOK!! There's Mama Penny with her triplets! There's Saul cuddling up with his buddy Emerson and the two ponies! There's Tristan quietly watching everyone. There's Keaton up in the loft with the chickens!

I am so lucky to have a talented, kind friend like Ronna. She has made me several beautiful cakes oer the years. Check out Ronna's Cakebook on Facebook, and her blog!

After my birthday supper, we went down to the barn to feed babies!

Ronna is feeding Annabelle in this photo.

I think she enjoyed it quite a bit!

The kids are growing like WEEDS. This was the day they were born, January 9th!

They just keep getting bigger and bigger! Luc is so cute.

Annabelle was nibbling on my ear when I took this!

They are starting to eat some hay and cattle starter feed now.

They have grown since this picture was taken a few days back.

Gordon says the only thing better than one goat on your lap... (look at Keaton's bat-ears front and centre at the bottom of the pic!)

... is two, or perhaps three!

Here is my little Rosie...

She likes playing with the lead ropes hanging in the box stall area.

She is doing very well, especially considering she nearly died the day after she was born. She gets the least of mama's milk of any of the siblings, and now she runs to me at feeding time instead of Penny. And now when I come down the barn steps, she starts screaming for me as soon as she hears me! It's pretty cute.

The cats and goat kids are all very interested in each other...

Buttercup isn't too sure about Luc and Annabelle watching her!


Feeding time!

Annabelle sampling hay

Don't worry, the cats aren't being neglected...

...although Buttercup wasn't too thrilled about Keaton sharing my lap!

Keaton usually has a lot to say!

My friend Peggy brought this big teddy bear for Henry the pig to snuggle up to, but Pip is rather fond of it!

Speaking of my little angel Rosie! <3 p="">

There's maamaa, chowing down!

Somebody pointed out that Finney's forelock looks a bit like the hair of a certain, ahem, US presidential hopeful!

Me and Saul, the sweetest donkey in the universe!

And in the house...

...Annuk and Honey both want to use my Powerbook as a bed, which might be nice for them but isn't so great for my computer!

And here's a nice shot of my horse Roo that my friend took last weekend...

I have finally broken down and hired more help for around the farm. Now that I have four different FABULOUS people coming during the week to do chores, I realize just how much time I was spending doing chores!!!  It's given me time to work on other stuff, like a Facebook page for our farm which we have now christened Bee Meadow Farm. We'd like eventually to get charitable status for some kind of educational endeavour related to the animals. This year, I would like to continue with some visits from kids and seniors. I had fun doing that last year!

 I put our mission statement on the FB page, and it reads like this:

To inspire compassion for animals as well as educate people on the humane treatment of all animals, while providing a loving home for our own menagerie of rescues!

And now I am off to bed with a warm cat or three. Hope you are all having a good week!


  1. You have a very talented friend. Happy birthday. Kids are incredibly act little critters. They're never still.

  2. The cake is wonderful. Always enjoy a visit with your animals.

  3. That cake is superb. My wife used to make similar cakes for the children when they were young, but her skills were not quite the same (ahem).

  4. Your pictures are great!! I especially love the one of you and the little goat with the sun's rays. The cake is amazing!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Natalie. The cake is spectacular. I loved every photo of the kids and their mama. And as always, the cats are my favorite. Oh and Saul too! Have a great day.

  6. Happy Birthday Natalie! Looks like you had a great day! Everyone looks just beautiful and I'm so happy you are keeping the goats. They could not have a better home!!!

  7. Oh that cake is brilliant. Another Ronna masterpiece.
    A belated Happy Birthday!!

  8. Happy Belated Bday ! Looks like all is good on the farm . Glad your keeping the goats best place for them with you and Gordon . Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  9. I love making cakes for you guys! So inspiring. There's always something to inspire!!

  10. Ronna's a keeper as are all the other critters and the human on the farm. Happy belated!

  11. Many happy returns of the day to you, Natalie! And regarding Finney's resemblance to He-who-shall-not-be-named, Finney is definitely smarter! :)

  12. Your photos of all your adorable animals and the love you have for them is just inspiring. Big smiles! Love your birthday cake.

  13. Happy belated Birthday!! what a great way to celebrate!

  14. what an absolutely beautiful cake! Happy Birthday

  15. Happy Birthday Natalie! And many happy returns of the day! That little Rose, she's a special girl, this I can feel. Someday she will reward you for saving her life

  16. Happy Birthday again! That cake is too precious to even eat!! It is so adorable, just liked her page and am going to like your new page too......the photos (as always) are just toooooooo cute!!! xoxoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  17. Happy belated birthday to you and Gordon. The cake was a hoot. Natalie I need to give you some pointers in how to feed more than one kid at a time. My Mom and I feed 5-6 kids at a time each. You'll get the hang of it. Also they make a goat chow. You might see if your feed store can get some ordered for you instead of cattle feed. Love your facebook page, will be visiting regularly. Have fun with all the critters.

  18. I have tried feeding more than one at a time and failed miserably, ha ha!! I should have been clearer about what I'm feeding... the vet told me to get some cattle starter for the kids with a coccidostat (sp), especially since Mama tested positive for coccidiosis, but I also have grain mixed for goats, and another grain for nursing does, plus I just managed to wrangle some proper goat starter, yay! We treated all the babies with Baycox at three weeks because I was so worried about coccidiosis. THanks for visiting the FB page too. Feel free to give me lots of goat advice, I need it!!

  19. I don't know how anyone wouldn't immediately fall in love with those kids! And I can't believe what a great sport and sweetheart Keaton is with them. And, as for Ronna, she is amazing! Please let her know there's an apartment upstairs for sale. And the kitchen's been redone.

  20. Happy Birthday, Natalie! What an amazing cake! Did you cut it or preserve it? :o)Love all your critters.

  21. Happy Birthday. You have such good hearts. What a special place!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!


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