Saturday, July 18, 2015

That is not a blade of grass...

Gordon found this between us on the sheets this morning...

No, that's not a blade of grass.

It's a MOUSE TAIL!!!


Even I, the un-squeamish one, screamed at this. Then Gordon and I both searched under the sheets to make sure there were no other mouse parts with us (there weren't!)

I supposed I shouldn't be entirely surprised, given that we had four or five cats sleeping on the bed with us last night and several of them go on killing sprees in the basement. But really, I never expected to find body parts not even ON my bed but IN my bed!!!! 

Louise was sleeping between us last night... is she the culprit? It was all very "horse head in the bed" Godfather-esque.

Of course, the cats don't always bring us body parts. Take Honey, for example.

The other day, she brought a kitchen sponge to my mat while I was doing yoga!

I wonder if that's more fun to kill than a mouse? I doubt it.

Archie and Annuk plead innocence.

Do those look like the faces of cats who would leave a tail in your  bed?

Oh wait...

Here's Archie with a shrew he took out!

Daisy and Missy were VERY interested in his "toy"!

Then Mootie and Emerson came to check things out.

Archie didn't seem to mind sharing!

Excuse me, I have to go burn my sheets now... ;)


  1. Who didn't want breakfast this morning? (Not including you and Gordon).They may be the culprit!
    Jane x

  2. So, I won't tell you about the night I awoke to the a daughter's scream. The one that brings mothers from the other side of the continent. There was a rabbit head in her bed. The balance of the corpus delecti was located later in my closet. Nah, you don't need more kitty stories.

  3. I once had kitties bring actual dead mice into the bed ! As I was waking up I stretched and I felt something furry and soft had no idea what it was until I open my eyes ... Of course the sheets right went right into the hot water wash ... And I couldn't scold the kitties for doing their job ....I just asked them kindly not to leave presents in the bed !!! Lol

  4. Oh, I can think of worse gifts to find in bed. You should probably consider yourselves lucky :)

  5. Anonymous11:12 am

    My immediate thought was of the "Godfather" too! I haven't had mouse body parts in my bed, but I did have a scorpion drop onto my pillow from the ceiling one night.

  6. OMC, I don't think I'd ever sleep on those sheets again, even if I bleached them half to death. I AM squeamish! I'm perfectly fine with live mice, moles, etc., but so NOT fine with body parts. Gag. I hope there's no repeat...ever. LOL.

  7. Too funny! You will have to do a bed check every night now.

  8. Oh will never trust them again. Yuck!!!!!!! This reminds me of a lady I knew, living in the country and went to bed one hot night not bothering to fix the broken screen on her bedroom window first. Middle of the night, her indoor/outdoor cat, Turnip, brought a dead rabbit through the window and dropped it right on her chest.

  9. Oh no that is gross!! I would have had to leap into the bath for a long soak after finding that!!

  10. Yuuuuck! Thank goodness you found no other parts...that would have been beyond gruesome.

  11. That's not a kitchen sponge. It's a little, kitty yoga mat.

  12. Uh oh. Your cats don't have any ties to the mafia, do they? :)

  13. MOL! Some cats had fun! The mom says she would have screamed too. ;)

  14. UGH !! I would of flipped then laughed about it whilst I was scrubbing every thing down me included lol ! Hope no more rodent body parts show up in your bed YIKES !!! Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite or rodents there lol !

  15. OMG I would have totally freaked out!

  16. That final photo is superb.

  17. O M W!! That is really squeamish making! Kitties always bring you a gift - the one in the night couldn't resist eating your treat except for the tail. I love Honey's contribution to the yoga class. It's a kitty mat! And I too, love the last photo. Errrr, do you have five cats sharing your bed? We have three and we wake up like u-bolts every morning. It was fine in East Africa where we had an extra large kingsize bed. Now, here in SA, we have a teeny double bed and it's a fight every night who gets which part of the cramped space. The cats win every time. No contest.

  18. Now THOSE are some great cart pictures!

  19. Yikes, we haven't left many mouse body parts around and never on the bed!!



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