Sunday, July 19, 2015

"Barn" cats and a birthday!

"Barn" cats, what a joke...


Daisy has been showing ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in going outside lately!!

She's a big fan of da belly rubz!

"Who, me?" YES, YOU!

There were ten cats inside at suppertime tonight. TEN.


Daisy isn't going anywhere.

Archie did spend some time outside today. This was him yesterday. We washed the sheets after the mouse-tail debacle, and folded the duvet up on the bed.

This was very appealing to Naomi and Archie!

Poor Naomi, Archie has taken to sleeping cuddled up to my chest, which is where Naomi always sleeps! (I sleep on my side.) So she has been moving up towards my neck/head area, but I think really she's appalled at this interloper.

Meanwhile, George the duck just celebrated his second birthday! You can read George's story here. George's best human buddy Bethany has been helping me out at the farm this summer! Not only is she a hard working teen and great to have around, George is clearly happy to see her too. It's nice that he and Honey have some quality time with her. Anyway, Bethany let me know when George's birthday was (July 15.) I asked her what she did to celebrate last year, and she said he got a bowl of popcorn and some cherry tomatoes. 

We were out of cherry tomatoes, but the popcorn we could do...

At first, George was terrified of the big colander! (And I wondered if my good colander would ever make it back from the barn!)

But he was brave....

...and was soon chowing down!

Pip came over to have some as well.

Happy birthday, George!

And kitty cat #16 is still hanging around. He's eating the kibble I put out for him every night. I'm hoping he'll get friendly with me so I don't have to live-trap him for a vet visit.

Hope you all had  good weekend. I'm trying to do more blogging. I've been pathetic the last several months and I miss it.


  1. Happy birthday to George! Looks like he had a great treat to celebrate.

    Mmm, we see how much of a "barn" cat Daisy is. :-) More like "Daddy's" girl, we say.

    The human still says she'd never use those sheets again. Ha.

  2. Such cuties. Daisy, you are smart- stay inside :)

  3. Barn must equal House in Canada...

  4. Happy Birthday George. Kitties all looking lovely.

  5. Happy birthday George! You fell with your tail in the butter in this household, didn't ya? Love that Pip sniffed the popcorn as well. It's great to see more of you here on Blogger. I love visiting your farm.

  6. Love all the photos! How on earth do you keep track of everybody? Looks like George had a great birthday.

  7. Yup,Daisy, we all believe the 'barn cat' thing (bwaahahahahaha!).
    Jane x

  8. We miss it too. Although we have Facebook, there's something more fun about the stories told on blogs!

  9. Oh I love your epic "barn cat fail" lol!! (Kidding! The fact that they want to be inside is a HUGE success in my book!)
    Happy Happy Birthday to George!! Love that you gave him a giant bowl of popcorn!

  10. Those are some smart kitties you have there ;)

    Happy birthday George!

  11. Happy Birthday George!! I'll have to tell DH that he shares his birthday with George the Duck. And we have one cat that likes popcorn too!

  12. popcorn is always a favourite cat snack around here - Tux prefers cheddar flavour. Happy birthday to George.
    And you really should stop saying you have barn cats - you just have cats.

  13. Happy Birthday, George. And do I need to say more about your "BARN" cats? I will soon send you our new mailing address. The moving date is the 16th of August. The village is called Axstedt.

  14. Sweet George, Happy Birthday! I sat down to look at a couple of blogs...started with yours and couldn't stop reading. The mouse tail in the bed is so funny! You two have such a special place and how wonderful that you have saved so many beautiful animals, and given them a loving home.

  15. Love the mouse tail incident, but I know I would have screamed just like you! Happy Birthday to George!

  16. That is one houseful of cats. Prime sleeping spots are obviously at a premium!

    Happy Birthday George!

  17. haha love the "barn" cats ... makes me feel quite sorry for myself only having 2 kitties...and one timid stray that's living in the shed right now... have a purrfect weekend...Gail x


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