Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Miss Louise is very relaxed

Louise loves...

..oh HELLO!...

...and I do mean LOVES..

...sleeping on the still-warm cooktop!

I used to try to dissuage her from doing this but it was hopeless. She just loves to get up there after supper and fall asleep!

Meanwhile, out in the garden, our new stray, Keaton, (aka Batman aka Catman) has been showing up every day for meals...

...he is interacting nicely with the other cats, as well! I can now get within about five feet of him while he's eating, and tonight he was meowing at me. I need to get him caught and off to the vet. He's a cute kitty.

And Saul is doing well...

It was 33C today and he was still smiling. I've been doing his hoof treatment for thrush and he's being SUCH a good boy! We will try his next hoof trim without sedation.

He's such a lovely boy!

And look who hid a nest in the barn...

SIGH. She hatched out three eggs in the folds of a tarp. I didn't even know she was in there until last night, when I heard peeping as I was doing evening chores.

Proud mama! Little ducky on the upper right seems to have wry neck (head flipping back) so I am trying to figure out what to do about that. It's not too bad and he's eating and drinking. You can see his head flip back in the first video below. They are all super cute, of course.

Here's some video!


  1. Haha Louise looks very chilled out. What a funny place to chill out. It is funny that she loves it even though you guys are having a hot summer.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. Sierra and Louise have the same habit. I have to cover any burners we used with a pot until they cool down because I never know when I will find her asleep on the stove, That stray is very unique-looking, And those babies...*grin*. I think we may get some relief today with lower humidity. :)

  3. Louise looks lovely! Our cat Sam loved to sleep like that too. Keaton is very handsome as is Saul. The baby ducks are adorable. They fell on their feet being born on your wonderful farm! Have great day Natalie.

  4. You do get quite the surprises with the little ducklings. It's too bad that there are strays that show up or as you say dumped on the road.

  5. OMG! Little ducks... omg... I love!!!!!! A long time ago I had an orphan duck like these!

  6. What a clever kitty finding a lovely warm spot. :) I adore those duckling!

  7. silly Louise. and concats (??) on the new ducks....

  8. That momma duck does look well pleased with herself and her ducklings :)

    and may you be able to catch Keaton with no issues..

  9. We love laying on the stove too...much to the mom's dismay.

  10. I absolutely love all of the beautiful photos of Louise and ALL of the other photos of your menagerie...I am so in love with them all. Thank you for sharing...

  11. Funny Louise, none of my cats have tried that...yet. I'm not going to show them these pictures because they might decide it is a good idea.

    The ducklings are adorable. I hope the head flip thing isn't going to cause the little guy any problems. Good luck catching Keaton!


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