Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little cluckers...

As evidenced by the photos below, the chickens had a nice free-range outing on Monday.

Please tell me the newly-empowered Chicky is NOT chasing Errol Flynn!

She certainly enjoyed a good scratch in the dirt!

Can you deny Errol's handsome-osity?  His tail feathers are finally growing back. I think the brutish black hens were yanking them out for kicks!

"Make sure you get my best side!"

"Easily done. Every side is my best side!"

 "Gotta go! Business to attend to!"

 Lord Gaga didn't have much time for me either.

Happy chickens!

Meanwhile, inside the house...

...a chipmunk sat on the window box, tormenting the hell out of Naomi.

And why is it 23C in April, with severe thunderstorms and tornado watches and warnings? (August, maybe, but July?) Just last Thursday, I was watching snowflakes and ice pellets outside my office window. 

This is the same weather disturbance that just schnockered the US. Last night there was a big thunderstorm, and my 80-lb dog Tristan crawled up and lay across me as I was flat on the couch, watching TV. Note that our dogs are not allowed on the furniture! But Tristan enjoys taking liberties, especially when he's scared.

Ah, spring in Canada: snow, rain, flood watches and now tornado warnings... but at least the chickens are happy!


  1. Old Errol is just a strutin' his stuff all around the place isn't he? Love that you name all your chickens by the way.
    We are getting the same weather as you. Saw the sun on Good Friday, was warm today until the rains came hard and fast early this evening. My lily's are starting to bud though :)

  2. TWO OR THREE BUCKETS of water fell from heaven, and nearly drowned me in Toronto, this afternoon. It was sunny when I had left 5 minutes before....

    Expect me soon...I'm moving in with the cluckers! You can take as many photos as you want of me resting in the coop...I just want to be safe, away from this dangerous city!

  3. Oh my God, that magnificent black one . . . give me his haunches (baked with Nick's fiery Caribbean sauce), his drumsticks (Nick's tandoori-grilled drumsticks) and the rest of him can just marinate (de-feathered, of course) in Pinot Noir for two days in anticipation of a fine Coq au Vin . . .

    . . . what was his name again?

  4. Your chickens an roo's look happy. The cat! Weird weather this Spring. Wait, I said that about Winter too. Ya well.

  5. Lol, I love ChefNick's comment! I went back and looked at your photos of Errol Flynn - his legs do look like drumsticks! But, alas, I could never eat any chicken that anyone ever named. And so, dear Errol Flynn is safe to crow another day!


  6. You forgot your "Be Kind" theme...

    Be kind to chickens!

  7. it still looks wintery where you are!!!!

  8. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Chicky was totally coming on to Errol. I want to hear more about that Pinot Noir marinade ... what then?

    And the tornadoes in the U.S. ... ai. Those poor people. Looks like a war zone.

  9. Happy chicken posts just plain make me happy. Thankyou!

  10. Errol is super handsome! He should be a professional model.

    And what’s with the weather lately? It’s been so inconsistent all over. It's odd!

  11. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Errol reminds me of a rooster we had years ago--Gregory Peck. I miss having chickens. It's been fun to live vicariously through your brood!

  12. Paula, I know all their names but Gordon doesn't!

    Claude, today is supposed to be nice and sunny for us both. Let's hope they're right.

    Chef Nick, I've missed having you here, threatening my chickens with roasting!

    Lynn, none of the animals on this farm will ever be food... :) And yes: be kind to chickens!

    Nancy, the chickens have a pretty good life here.

    John, it is FINALLY perking up and my daffs are blooming.

    CogDis, the death toll from those tornadoes is shocking. :(

    Lauren, glad I can make you smile!

    David, Errol deigns to thank you.

    TTPT, "Gregory Peck" is an excellent rooster name.


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