Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chicky update

Uh, remember Chicky the hen, who had a bath last weekend? She's back with her flock now. Today while they were out free-ranging, she attacked Beaker the rooster, then chased him off! I do believe she has found her inner warrior. The wonders of a bath and a spa vacation!

Watch it Errol Flynn. She whipped Beaker. She can whip you.

Meanwhile, there's a new slut in town..

My Charlotte! My dear, special Charlotte. Charlotte, who flies up to my shoulder and loves cuddles. My virginal, gentle, chaste Charlotte. Apparently while Chicky and Anastasia were on their holidays, the roo-boys decided Charlotte was low hen on the totem pole. Now SHE is the one getting bald spots, and I just came inside from knocking Lord Gaga and Beaker off her, mid-gang-bang... GEEZ!!! Those boys need to learn that Charlotte belongs to the head rooster, aka ME (but relax, I do NOT use her for the same purposes as those three horn-dogs!)

Never a dull moment around here.


  1. Every blog I look at these days with chickens is posting the same thing. I had no idea they were so 'friendly' with each other. One of the posts is titled..Sex, Sex and more sex. Ha!

  2. Chicky looks great after her spa day! My lady is very glad Jolyon the rooster has a new home! No more ravished hens.

  3. Glad to hear that Chickie has become more assertive! I do worry for poor Charlotte though.

    Sheesh! Chickens and their hierarchies!

  4. You read my mind - I was just going to email you! I was thinking about Chicky last night when I was hanging out with my hens, and I was wondering how she was doing. Were there any real problems re-integrating the 2 hens back into the flock? Did Chicky's feathers grow back in at all? Is she still picking at herself? I know, I know, I have so many questions!

    My boys are very hormonal, too. The roosters, that is!! LOL. I have to carry my old broom around with me in the chicken pen again. They were like this last spring, too. It's all about the warm weather. Even the guinea boys are feeling their oats - I even saw a guinea-gang-bang the other day. That was the first I ever witnessed guinea sex. They used to be so subtle, but it seems spring brings out the worst in them all!!

    Thanks for the update!

  5. Glad that Chicky found her inner warrior. Maybe she can give poor Charlotte a few lessons or perhaps all the girls need a bath a spa day with the Head Rooster!

  6. Hi Nat,

    could I come for a spa-day,too?:-)

    I get beaten up all over the place!!!

  7. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Well I'm here to say "go roosters". They have their needs, you know... "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do," and all that. Who put the roosters in with the hens in the first place anyway?

  8. Aren't you from southern SOMEWHERE? We need a real hen-woman at Hen's Teeth, somebody who knows her way around the yard.

    And, I apologize, 'cause I was away for a few days vacating my brain, but what's that thing Chicky has on? I've seen pictures of hens in bustiers, but talk about slutty!

  9. Anonymous6:36 pm

    This post is hilarious -- right when I need a moment of hilarity.

    And that poor Charlotte ... She's not a slut. I can't believe you're blaming the victim, Natalie. What? Was she wearing something provocative? (*snicker*).

  10. I'm with Cognitive Dissenter on this one; fancy calling Charlotte a slut when all she did was be in the wrong place at the wrong time!

  11. So much chicky excitement! I'm jealous!

  12. Deb, those roosters are OBSESSED, especially in spring. It's incredible!

    Isobelle, Chicky is improved. Now to get the scaly leg mites under control (Chicky is fine but some of the others are still having issues.) Another treatment this weekend!

    Ahab, Charlotte will be okay. She's smart!

  13. Lynn, no problems re-introducing the birds but everybody's laying output was reduced during the whole separation! I think the flock was "all shook up." They all seem fine now. Chicky is growing back some new feathers, but it's hardly remarkable. Still, I'll keep an eye on her. I had thought her skin was broken but it's not. And she does seem lively and happy. I have never caught her picking at herself, sigh...

    Hey, do you use the broom to knock the boys off the girls? I have been (gently) using my foot! I had a laugh at the guinea sex. I really want some guineas. We drove by a farm today with some on their front lawn!

  14. Paula, I am starting the think the roosters need a boys-only coop, and rotational rights with the hens... :)

    Willie, you deserve a spa day but instead I will bring you honey and eggs on Sunday!

    Andrew, that would be us idiots. Three roosters to 12 hens is two roosters too many!

  15. Nance! I was born in southern Ontario!! Does that help? And although I now live in eastern Ontario, really I still live in the southern part of Ontario in the southern part of Canada.

    And Chicky is wearing a "saddle". It is mean to protect her back from the over-amorous roosters and their spurs. It does help but if I'd gotten it on sooner, it would have been smart! She and Anastasia both wear them without complaint, and I wash them regularly (saddles, not chickens! Although Chicky did have her spa day, as you know.)

  16. Cog Dis, you're right. I sound like one of those evil men who blame rape victims for their crimes! :)

    But you know, Charlotte is kind of saucy with her feathers...

  17. LBM, you are right. I have let the hen-girls down by blaming them for the sex crimes of roosters.

    Although I have to say, the hens do seem to kind of like being raped and pillaged...

  18. David, it's a soap opera down in that coop. An x-rated soap opera.


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