Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pet pairings

Like fine wines, some go together better than others....

You might think, "How sweet! Tristan and Sophie are sharing a bed." Except what really happened was that Tristan was happily lying on his bed with his red ball when Sophie came in, inserted herself between him and the ball, and started growling to let him know whose ball it really was. Par for the course -- Sophie is the boss of Tristan, and he accepts it.

And then last night, Gordon flicked on the guest room light to find this:

Naomi has spurned Alex for the older orange man. Julius is becoming steadily more tolerant of the young one, although he does not adore her the way Alex does. He did allow her to wash the back of his head the other night, as I rubbed his belly. But when she got up and stepped on him, he left in a huff.

I should add the cats aren't supposed to be in the guest room, period. I try to keep it somewhat pet-free for visitors (unless the guests request a cat or two), and the last time Julius got in there, he threw up all over the duvet, which NATURALLY has a white cover. It has all since been professionally cleaned, if any of our guests are reading and worrying!


  1. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Everybody needs friends! Very sweet.

  2. I think Naomi loves everybody!! Always enjoy seeing your doggies too!

  3. Your guys are excellent photog subjects, they work the camera very well, and are so very cute!


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