Friday, February 13, 2009

February Thaw

Apparently this area normally gets a January thaw, and this year was only the third since something like 1946 that there was no thaw. Instead, we got a February thaw (and a ton of rain!) The temps are back down below freezing today, but yesterday was warm and rainy and I couldn't even take the dogs on their usual walk because the fields were such a mess. They were not amused.

The creek that runs through our property (it is actually a municipal drain that leads to the Beaudette River, which empties into the St. Lawrence) completely burst its banks:

Normally the creek forms an "L" here (halfway up picture, on the left), but when things burst, it takes the path of least resistance right across the corner of the field. Remember my photo of the sumac bush from the end of January?:

Okay, so not the best comparison because in the January photo, you can't see the snow-filled frozen creek on the right. But this is how it looked yesterday.

If I had kids, I wouldn't have let them near the creek, but the dogs can swim and the current wasn't dangerous for them. Not that they showed any interest in going into the frigid water!

Remember earlier this winter when they were walking in and out of the corrugated metal tunnel through which the creek flows?

Yesterday the water was at the top of that tunnel (which is the dark metal thing in this photo.)

You can see it here, too.

And lots of ice!

And this is what the previous scene looks like in spring/summer (slightly different camera angle.)

I haven't been out yet today to see what state things are in now that the temps have dropped, but I am hoping I can take the bored dogs for their usual tiring walk today. And that's your walk around the farm for this week.


  1. But what has happened to all your lovely snow buntings?

    -- a disinterested bystander

  2. just linked to your blog from!!

    february thaws are pretty horrible and ugly and saddening, huh? we had one last week and i'm still not recovered!!

  3. Hey, the snow buntings are still here, not to worry! They await your visit.

  4. Basebell, I totally agree. If it's winter, I want it to be winter. Thaws in March I am willing to discuss, but January and February? What a mess! And not good for my garden!

  5. Such wonky weather this year!

    Your property is just lovely though, especially knowing what awaits in spring summer...

  6. Anonymous10:08 am

    Spring is finally on its way. Thank heavens!

  7. I love seeing your farm and the doggies at play! I bet a lot of birdies love that creek~!

  8. The blue herons love the creek, Shelley, and there are lots o' ducks and geese and other water birds, plus songbirds and whoever else likes to hang there. But the dogs like to chase away the birds when we go out for a walk, which is totally annoying!!


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