Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow, freezing rain, snow, walk...

Last week we got a bunch of snow, hours of freezing rain, then more snow. The result was very pretty, and best of all, we didn't lose our power! I sincerely hope we've bought a generator before the next big ice storm (à la 1998) hits.

Queen Anne's lace, aka wild carrot

Winter wonderland

Tristan likes poking his nose into the snow until the skin on his snout is raw!

The dogs on the trail. They both adore the white stuff.

Winter afternoon sun.

Sophie the snowhound.

Ice on white pine.

Even a barbed-wire fence looks pretty when coated in ice!

I love the colours in a winter sky (even though it's not officially winter yet!)

Ye olde barn.

And tomorrow it's supposed to rain... what a mess that will create!


  1. Gorgeous snow images - Tristan almost looks like he dipped his nose into some icecream! :-)

  2. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Ohhhhhhhhh what BEAUTIFUL pictures. only I can't believe we're looking at snow again on your blog. Weren't we JUST doing that???? :O

    anyway the pics are just exceptionally beautiful... I didn't know that QAL was aka wild carrot!!

    boy it looks like about a mile to the woodlot? I cannot believe how much land you have.

    And my FAVORITE is the "winter afternoon sun" my GOD that's just excellent.

    Oooooo and "ice on the white pine" too. BEAUTIFUL!

    and..and..... It's so excellent to be able to see these.

    i probably say this too much, but I really appreciate your sharing the farm with us throughout all these seasons. it's just WAY COOL!


  3. Oh wow! and can you believe I haven't seen snow...(if you don't count the tiny bit of snow that fell in manchester when I was there for a few days...and that turned into a brown ugly mush on the roads)
    Nothing like your!
    Yep and you are right..its about 30C here in sunny singapore ;o)

  4. We had rain, lots of rain.

  5. Beautiful! I love the rhythm of the seasons. I am so thankful to live where we actually have four distinct seasons (though fall and winter, at least in terms of cooler weather, are shorter-lived). Today it's gray here and the sky has that wintery look, with a sunlight that just can't seem to find its way out of the clouds. But I love it. Without the seasons I would feel so lost.

  6. NK, I never get tired of you saying nice things about my blog. (And I am grateful for everyone else's comments too!!) :) Thank you for all the kind words and funny comments, everyone.

    It's about a kilometre to the start of the woodlot... I think. I am having a brain fart. And I agree, I feel like winter just ended and now it's bloody well here again! Last winter was SO long and SO snowy.

    Surani, I have spent all of 24 hours in Singapore (and it was fun.) I am presently freezing my buns off and really wouldn't mind being there RIGHT NOW, eating Singaporean food and sweating like a pig.

  7. Anonymous1:53 am

    So pretty!!


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