Friday, August 08, 2008

Gordon is releasing his inner chef

...and I am most pleased!

We have loved southeast (and east!) Asian food for a long time, but since our honeymoon in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong, and subsequent travels in the region, our love for this cuisine, and each other of course, has only grown.

Until lately, I have been the one who cooks the Thai and other such meals, but lately Gordon has taken an interest. Last week, he stopped by Lim Bangkok grocery in Ottawa and picked up the ingredients for a few Asian feasts. First he made tom kha gai, aka chicken coconut soup, which happens to be one of my Thai favourites. Then he made this:

Do I remember the names of these creations? Naturally not, but it was coconut rice with mango and crispy shallot, and this amazing stir fry of shrimp and chicken and rice noodles and peanuts and it was sooooo good!

He is stopping at Lim Bangkok again tonight and making me more feasts this weekend, including green curry chicken, which I specifically requested because my garden is currently overflowing with Thai basil!

My favourite Thai cookbook is Real Thai: The Best of Thailand's Regional Cooking by Nancie McDermott. Apparently she has a new book out called Real Vegetarian Thai.

Meanwhile, Gordon owes me a batch of chocolate cinnamon cream cheese muffins. Did you get that, GORDON?


  1. Um, could your lawyer husband come down here and teach my lawyer husband how to do that???

    (And could he bring muffins? I'm desperate to try those muffins! LOL!)

  2. Yummm! A lawyer who cooks. . . hmmm, I see the making of a new show on the Cooking Network. Paula Dean move over, the bearded wonder boy is about to make his debut! Seriously, it looks so delicious. You're both such great cooks, and now you have the terrific garden for all your fresh veggies.

  3. Anonymous11:51 am

    OH godddddddd Im DYYYYYY-YING!!!!!

    damn that looks GOOD!!! :)) I love asian and se-asian food with the assorted uses of peanuts YUM

    :) the "Skunk-o-meter" also hahahhaha.

  4. Coconut chicken soup is the only thing I order, when we go to a Thai restaurant near here. I don't have it often, but I love it. I can't stand spicey/hot food, I'm a wimp. Another point that my daughter and I are so very different. She's got a hot sauce bottle beside her plate every time she's eating. Sometimes I think I can see smoke coming out of her ears.
    The chocolate... muffins sound good right about now. Did Gordon deliver? :o)

  5. I'm not much for the spicy food myself... but the presentation is wonderful!

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  6. Monika, Gordon did indeed deliver on the muffins! I think my post guilted him into it. HAHAHAHA! Good bearded wonder boy, good!

    I think the muffins lasted about 72 hours...


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