Friday, June 06, 2008

This could become addictive

Okay, well, first off, I've found my own personal crack: the chocolate/cinnamon/cream cheese muffins Gordon made the other night, from 500 Muffin Recipes by Esther Brody. I can't stop eating them. Somebody help me. Please.

Julius is ticked because I took away the muffin. He loves the smell of chocolate and doesn't believe me when I tell him chocolate is very bad for kitties! Sorry buddy.

And I think I may be developing a new addiction: auctions. Having never been before, except to a Mennonite quilt auction back in 1996, I have now gone to three in as many weeks. Gordon is becoming even more of an addict than me. I believe he is already going through withdrawal, since it has been six days since his last auction. "Hi, my name is Gordon and I'm an auction-aholic. It has been six days since I lasted attempted to buy a broken palm sander for ten bucks. "

There are a LOT of auctions in the countryside, and you can get some amazing deals. There are a couple of great ones tomorrow that we can't go to (prior commitment), which is just as well since we lately blew a ridiculous wad on a Bush Hog zero-turn mower for the farm, with dump cart and seed spreader, and have no spare cash. Still, they are selling all sorts of goodies tomorrow: a 1969 VW Bug, the exact Honda 5500 generator we want for the farm, violins, a karaoke machine, a pontoon boat, a snowblower and my personal favourite: SCRAP MEAT. I cannot fathom it... I don't want to fathom it.

Another auction is selling, I kid you not, a "professional pig roasting machine" that "can cook two pigs at one time -- one on each side!" JUST imagine! Who wouldn't need one of those?

Or I could go to an auction tonight and pick up a dehorner and hoof trimmers, not to mention a hospital bed and some large rope pulleys.

Speaking of beds, two of the three auctions we attended featured those Craftmatic adjustable beds. And people gladly bought them, albeit for a fraction of the price advertised in those horrific daytime TV commercials.

At an auction two weeks ago, I watched in awe as my normally restrained husband bought a milk crate full of extension cords, a set of socket wrenches, a harness thingy that enables you to climb your tower aerial safely (I'm not even going to BEGIN to visualize this, Gordon scaling the aerial like a mountain frigging climber!), two plastic gas cans, and a few other things I daren't remember. All that for a mere $169.00, which includes the wicker chair I bought and intend to paint and put on the front porch with my other wicker furniture. I also got an awesome box of books for six bucks.

Think of what we could pick up tomorrow... a full skid of various size nuts and bolts... cattle handling equipment... peacocks... a flux welding Meg 105F1 (huh?)... a Royal Oak teapot... two compressors/nebulizers for asthma (oops, did the asthmatic kick off?)... a slow vehicle sign... a large assortment of 50-lb boxes of nails... a painting possibly done by Gainsborough... why, the possibilities are ENDLESS!

And I already have a favourite auctioneer: Hélène Faubert! Bilingual AND hilarious and she really keeps things rolling. Who could ask for more?

Well, I supposed I COULD ask for scrap meat. But I won't.


  1. Anonymous9:37 am

    OK I can easily see why auctions could become addictive!!

    I wonder how many people have croaked in those craftmatic beds .. maybe one was the asthmatic ..hahha ..ew.

    But they must be tons of fun to go to. I'm surprised you let your "prior committmemt" get in the way...haha.

    and as for those muffins. O-M-G. I would not be able to stop eating them either. eventually G would find a use for those assorted pulleys and ropes... to get me out of the craftmatic bed .. ahhahaha .. mmmuummmfff jes one more muffin before the gastric bypass surgery .. pleeeaaaaassseeeee.

  2. HAHAHAHHAhAA! OMG, you slay me Mexicali Anonymous. :) Another use for pulleys!

    And yeah, I'd rather not think about what happened in those beds before they hit the auction...

  3. How can you tease us so? You post delicious pictures but no recipe?

    Avast and avaunt, vile fiend!

  4. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Welcome to the country! I'm a auction sale junkie, too. Love em, the best stuff.

  5. Anonymous4:22 pm

    HA! I speak as a formerly addicted-to-auctions sufferer - you will have a lot of trouble breaking this habit. Job lots - cardboard boxes filled with crap, musty old books, linens, costume jewelry, kitchen "wares", broken bits of hardware, cupboard pulls, lamp plugs, envelope corners torn off with stamps attached, I could go on and on.... we furnished our first place with auction finds and fed several collecting habits there too, and made some auction-only friends. I am enjoying the vision of Caber digging through job lots to find that elusive safety harness :-) Have fun and buy some stuff you don't really need but is a GREAT bargain for me! Moggy


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