Friday, December 07, 2007

So much to do, so little time...

I'm behind on my blogging again, for no good reason. Time is just flying by again, alas. Let's see, we'll start with:

Notes for Alex the Three-legged Cat

1. Wastebaskets are not suitable toys to roll around Daddy's office
2. Pushing Julius' bowl full of food off the kitchen table will not result in praise or extra treats
3. Hardwood floors are... HARD. Proceed accordingly.
4. Mummy loves you but doesn't need help with the laundry, except from Daddy.
5. If you are going to shred the carpet, could you not do it while Mummy is on the toilet, just out of reach but well within sight.
6. Your older brother Julius does NOT appreciate your head up his *ss while he's trying to eat supper.
7. The Shakespeare bust that my uncle Kevin gave me is NOT a cat toy.
8. Rolls of paper towels do not exist for you to shred.
9. Could you please aim a little better when using the litterbox?
10. Mummy and Daddy are in MUCH better moods when they can sleep in past 5:30 am.

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