Saturday, November 24, 2007

Eight more paws on the farm!

Well, this week we finally found OUR dogs, Sophie and Tristan. They speak French, so feel free to say those names with a French accent!

Sophie is mostly yellow Lab, Tristan is a Lab/Viszla mix (part teddy bear... WHAT a suck!) They are both five years old and have grown up together. To cut a long, sad story short, they belonged to a beautiful family of three (young military couple with toddler), living on a hobby farm, until November 4, when this young man tragically committed suicide. Sadly, his wife has had to sell everything, including the livestock, rehome the dogs and move to an apartment. The husband's last request was that the dogs not spend the rest of their lives on a chain.

And they won't, because they are now ours! They are wonderful dogs, loving, affectionate and so obedient. As their foster Mom said, they know what is expected of them. I have never seen anything like it. And although we have not tested them out yet, they apparently gently herd livestock, including chickens! And they have lived with cats and are good with them (although so far our cats think they are filth and won't go near them!)

Although we were not looking for two dogs, we are so happy we took these two in, and are completely besotted. More stories to come, but for now, some photos...

Sniffing down the snowy trail today, with Sophie in the lead!

This public trail is just a short drive from our farm.

Lookin’ pretty in pink!

The moon setting early this morning, while I stood freezing in my pajamas and robe at -15 Celsius. And Miss Sophie!

Gordon and his new kids, on the trail through our woodlot.

My face needed a thorough washing.

One happy farm dog!

Taking a brief rest.

Tristan likes to explore the barn.


  1. HOORAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  2. That is absolutely wonderful that you were able to keep those two together!! They are beautiful! Congratulations on your new babies!!!

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  3. it was defenitely meant to be. Soooo happy for all of you

  4. F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!!!!!

    I'm glad you got a set of dogs. They look like wonderful mates.

    Since when did you get snow? Wow, what a white-out.

    The pictures are great.

  5. Where are the llamas??


  6. I'm sure their former mom is relieved that she was able to find such a perfect home for them. They'll be very happy with you, no doubt!

  7. Anonymous10:52 am

    SPECTACULAR!!! I love the one with the moon setting and Sophie out in the morning snow .. BEAUTIFUL.

    And I must say their new collars look beautiful with their coloring :)

    Have you guys gotten out the xcountry skiis yet? Maybe Tris would like to pull you around :))


  8. It is difficult to tell who the luckier pair are...You and Caber? Sophie & Tris? Long life, many happy rambles (can they come stay with me when you go on vacation?), and good health to you all!

  9. Okay, I just wrote a big long comment and it disappeared! Good thing I've got accelerated dial-up now! I used to be able to make a cuppa tea while my comments page loaded.

    Anyway! Yes Robin, we got a good snowstorm last Weds - Thursday. Hubby had to take a snow day Thursday, then Friday he couldn't get the car down the driveway because he has, as per usual, procrastinated far too long about lining up someone to plough it. I refused to nag him! :) And he did at least get the snow tires on our car a couple of weeks ago. We've been having lots of fun in the snow and the dogs love it, but it's supposed to melt this week.

    And Melissa, the dogs would love to visit you. Can you take them to the beach? Apparently the adore swimming! (Hmmm, gee, Lab, Viszla... I wonder why they like the water?)

  10. PS: MO! Chickens first, then sheep, then maybe llamas. Get nagging about the chickens, woman.


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