Friday, November 09, 2007

Cat in a bag, cat in a bag!

I am behind on my blogging for various reasons, including a lingering ear infection (finally seems to be improving after new round of "horse-pill" antibiotics; lots of weird noises in my ear as the glue breaks up), too much to do, putting-the-stupid-#*&$^#@*^%-clock-back fatigue, frustration with dial-up.  Today, I thought you'd enjoy seeing a visual progress report on Alex and Julius. I think they are now officially friends!

“What? What?? Nothing going on here. Can we help you?”

“Hey!There’s something in the bag.” “Hey! There’s something outside the bag!”

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! “Anyone home?”

“Good grief! It’s alive. It’s aliiiiiive!”
(“Doobie doobie doo, just having a little bath! Tra la la!”)

And then the PAW OF DEATH reaches out to impale its next (not terribly impressed) victim.

The game ended after Alex decided to stick his entire head in Julius’ precious paper bag. Result? Small hissy fit, followed by rapid exit of orange fluffy man cat.

In other news:

I will continue blogging about the rest of my UK trip soon. I'll try to get my *ss in gear next week.

Today I went for a little walk around our fields and found an anvil and two old wagon wheels. I need to get me a metal detector.

Oh, we have a quasi-permanent flock of wild turkeys (perhaps 40 at present) on our land right now, enjoying leftover soybeans, not to mention several resident deer who know they won't get shot here.

I have planted a crapload of garlic (red inchellon and Polish white, from the fabulous Richters Herbs) but I did it a bit late this year, so cross your fingers that it grows. In Nova Scotia, I used to mulch it with seaweed but here I used straw from the barn. I couldn't find my work gloves, so I had to wear an old pair of mittens. My life is so tough. Not.

In our barn, something unknown ate what looks to have been a pigeon, leaving a lot of feathers on the floor!

In the meantime, here are a few photos of MOI, cuz I know y'all can't get enough of MOI. (Like I'm fooling anybody with the "y'all." Y'all know full well I'm a Canadian! Eh?)

The London Eye. Rock on!

My Uncle Kevin making me laugh my butt off at Anne Hathaway’s cottage. Uncle Kevin is my Dad's youngest sibling, my godfather, and my favourite relative (although my cousin Steve is awesome.) Kev's wife, my Auntie Lis, is also marvellous. She has to be, to put up with my family. Kevin has a killer sense of humour. I am not worthy, I am not worthy...

Here we are in Burton-on-the-Water, Cotswolds, pointing out a sign for the one meal we people with English blood simply cannot live without. (I have introduced my Yank travel buddy Phyllis to the joys of malt vinegar, and she will never go back to white. You Americans are so DEPRIVED!) My word, this place made EXCELLENT chips. (CHIPS: that's French Fries to my American friends. Hey, your dollar is tanking, people! You gotta stop that. I was all happy about being paid book royalties in US dollars, and now the US dollar is worth less than the Canadian. FIGURES!)

Mmmm, chips.... so artery-clogging, yet so unspeakably delicious. (Fresh, not frozen!)

Kiss kiss, bye bye! Have a lovely weekend!

Thanks for all the photos, Phyllis!

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  1. Anonymous8:50 am

    Oooooo too much to comment on! By the time I get to this page, I've forgotten what I wanted to say. :))

    OK LOVE the cat pics. That is really toooooo CUTE. How excellent that they are getting along .. just like siblings.

    HEre's hoping your garlic thrives... YUM! Love garlic.

    AND one more thing that I can manage to remember ... your uncle Kevin is the coolest :)) I love people with a good sense of humor. They are few and far between, in my experience .. I mean with a REALLY good sense of humor.

    Great pictures :) nk


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