Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dogs and me

On July 19th, we had to have our English Setter Tara put to sleep. She had lymphoma and declined very quickly, but she had a good long life (14-1/2 years.) We miss her a lot. You can see pictures of her throughout my blog.

I have always loved dogs, and this is the first time I have been dogless since 1987, a state which I hope won't last too long.

Here is a photo of me at age 5 back in 1969, with our first English Setter, Gina. She was an absolutely lovely dog. I had just had my hair shorn off for a holiday in Barbados. I think my Mum was into Twiggy at the time or something!


  1. What a lovely picture!

  2. You are both so beautiful!

  3. Anonymous10:05 am

    I LOVE that picture :)) btw, we had those haircuts too ... where I lived they called them "pixie" cuts. :)) anyway it's a adorable picture. I hope that you're not dogless for too long.

    Nancy K

  4. Anonymous10:06 am

    sorry... AN adorable picture.. it's early still.


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