Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bye bye Boot Camp! WAH!

As you may know, Hubster and I are moving to Quebec next week, driving some 4,350 km from BC, with three cats and a leopard gecko in our Mazda Protege 5 (black, no air-conditioning. We are insane.)

Last week we had a lovely potluck dinner with our friends from our Wednesday night "Boot Camp" class at the gym (which I haven't attended since I was "spayed" five weeks ago.) The one other guy who comes to that class, John, was SUPPOSED to attend but wimped out on us. So we took this picture for him:

John, we salute you! By the way, if any of you girls don't want your pic on my blog, it's too late. HAHAHA! Or you can let me know and I'll put a black bar across your eyeballs.

Gordon was often the only guy in class, and he got a lot of ATTENTION, which I think he is going to miss. Here is he, being teased by his classmates (and our buff instructor, Wendy, in the orange T-shirt):

And just to prove I am still alive:

Yeah, he's really suffering. Tragic, really, how they abuse him:

Ah, we'll miss this group VERY MUCH! Love ya, girls!

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  1. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Hi you two,

    Thanks for hosting a fun evening! Good food... good laughs... good friends... what more does a person need? Safe travels to you and to your clan... you will be missed!


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