Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Safe and sound in Hull, Quebec

Ahhhhhh... it is so pleasant to get up in the morning and not have to jump into a car! Although last night, I was dreaming that I was in a car on the highway!

Yes, we have completed our 4,350-odd km and are now safely ensconced at the very nice corner room at the Four Points Sheraton in Hull. I can see the Parliament buildings across the river in Ottawa! I only wish we could stay here more than two nights, but Rocky and his co-hort (I am resisting the urge to call him Bullwinkle) are arriving at our place tomorrow around noon.

Today we have to do laundry and go appliance-shopping, as our new place has not a single appliance. We also have to drive out to Val-des-monts and get the keys to our new place!

So we all survived the drive. Even the gecko looks relieved that it is over. The cats are residing at "Cat's Paradise" until Saturday and have a very nice "double unit" with a great outdoor part that Julius is especially sure to enjoy.

I am hoping that today has a better start than yesterday, which involved me walking back from the Comfort Inn breakfast bar with toast and peanut butter, opening the door to our room, and somehow managing to drop the toast so the it landed PB-first on my t-shirt, then hit the carpet face down.

And hey, my westcoast friends, I do miss you all!

Sorry for the lack of photos but you can be sure there will be some soon! Right now I am wearing my white Sheraton bathrobe and my monkey pajamas. There's an image for you to savour.


  1. Anonymous10:08 am

    Hey Knat!!! It's good to hear you made it back across the country again :)). I can wait to read about your trip and see the pictures. When do you get pics of your rental house?

    Anyway, I think it's very exciting as usual. :)) ...I'm sooo jealous!
    Nancy K

  2. Hey! You're in spitting distance now! Glad you landed safely, with all paws accounted for.

    Welcome back east, girl!g

  3. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Hi Sweetie, you need to email us with your phone number...
    PS Very glad you're all safe and sound!

  4. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Why Caber refused to move to the land of BBQ and Friday Night Football is a mystery to me!

    Glad you are safe and sound and feeling better...Lotsa Hugs...

  5. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Hey yeah! You could have moved to Sorry Ass Creek Road and been a neighbor. No real French speaking going on around here, though, unless Mark's former employees at the nursery remember any that he taught them.

  6. Yeah! Glad to hear you (and everyone else!) made it safe and sound! I would be ready to be done too!

  7. Anonymous12:05 am

    Hey there you two! So glad that you made it and actually found that darn Julius after he escaped the BBQ. I was hoping to adopt him...why were you walking back with breakfast? Shouldn't G have sprinted across to get it and jumped back? He has no excuses anymore not to get moving...enjoy the shopping, your plants are loving it at our house, they fit right in. We miss you, W :) west coast group. P.S. I"ll send you pictures of the Halloween cookies for torture hahahahaha, let's see if your east coast crowd can love you with sugar like I did.

  8. Crowzma. I may be in spitting distance, but that doesn't mean you can spit at me!

    Hi Moggylicious! I will send the number soon.

    Enbe, Gordon doesn't, er, like football. In fact, he hates watching sports of any kind on TV. I know, sacrilege. His father still hasn't gotten over it. But send BBQ! We're hungry!

    MB, somehow I think "Lake Plumbago" is a tad more appealing than "Sorry Ass Creek." But only a tad.

    Wendy, NO ONE can love us with sugar like you did. We are missing you already. Come visit. NOW! Julius says BRING CHICKEN!


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