Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy VD!

Yep, Valentine's Day. Have a good one and try to avoid the hype. I am eating chocolate from a velvety heart-shaped box at this very moment (thank you, honey!) I think it's the first velvety heart-shaped chocolate box I have ever had in my life.

Okay, so this: a goldfish!

I was in the pet store on the weekend, photographing goldfish for my new rug design, when this guy swam by. He's a bit out of focus but I find him quite endearing, not to mention unnatural.

Back to the chocolate. Yesterday I had lunch at the tearoom (homemade tomato, white bean and basil soup; they make amazing soup there), then a sticky toffee pudding with Devonshire cream (God help me), then we went to see "Million Dollar Baby" and I had New York Fries. Mmmmm.... not a particularly healthy food day, but fun, wow!


  1. Anonymous6:31 am

    That goldfish reminds me of the famous Costa Rican Bug-Eyed Tree Frog. Knatolee, are you sure that store isn't trafficking in endangered tropical species??? Be careful: some federal prosecutor may swoop down on your blog site and arrest you. xoxo Breye-Anne

  2. Anonymous6:31 am

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