Sunday, March 07, 2010

Spring is sprung...

We've really had an incredibly easy winter this year. I can't remember a major snowstorm since December, and the last week has been SO mild, with more of the same forecast for this week. (It was about 8C today and sunny!) Compare to March 2008. Not to mention March 19, 2008, which makes me a little afraid to be predicting the end of winter already! But I'm not not complaining. I think we've had our laneway plowed maybe four or five times, compared to twenty.

I took the dogs for a nice walk this afternoon and you can see that they definitely have spring fever.

Sophie has an excellent recall, and she is SO fast. I love to see her run, and she always gives me kisses upon her return, which are less lovely when she has been snacking on chicken poo.

That is one happy, sproingy Labrador!

And that is one happy goofball dufus Lab-Vizsla!

Sophie joins in the rolling fun.

Yes, my legs are seven feet long.

"Are you coming with us?"

We almost made it home clean. ALMOST. Then Tristan saw a piece of ice floating downstream in the creek.

"Don't go in that muddy water! DON'T go in that muddy water!! DON'T GO IN THAT MUDDY WATER!!!!!"


Mud, the only downside to spring!


  1. They had such a good time!
    Morgan loves to play in the snow too.

  2. There is nothing like a dog rolling in the snow in utter glee.
    Happiness personified....or is that dogified?

  3. Dogs are just like kids, they see a puddle and they just have to go through it. The bigger the splash the better. Looks like everyone had fun, even Mom and her loooong legs!

  4. I hope your dogs appreciate how fortunate they are to be living the high life with you and Gordon. The same goes for all your other livestock.

  5. Dogified, I like that.

    The dogs had a blast but I really wish I had an outdoor heated dog bathtub. Maybe I should get them a hot tub!

    Frannie, they're a bunch of spoiled ingrates. :)

  6. I LOVE your photos! Yes, mud, how I hate thee

  7. Ha! Although after reading above comments being aware of that the following does lack of originality:
    Lovely and enjoyable photos, Knatolee.
    One is even great. :)

  8. THank you for all the compliments on the photos! I'm glad you're enjoying them. :)


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