Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finally finished it!

I have done a singularly unimpressive job of producing new rugs over the past year, but I've finally finished this small (18.5" x 14") wall-hanging. It's simple but I had fun doing it.

I dyed most of the wool myself, and hooked a little sparkly, hairy novelty yarn into the background.

I called it "Dog Tired"... SO original!

Next up? A chicken triptych!


  1. That's so awesome! You are uber talented :)!!!

  2. I agree with Connordog: you ARE über talented.
    I remember seeing the ladies in Cape Breton do rugs like that and was fascinated. Any good books you can recommend on the subject?
    That is something I would love to learn.

  3. Simple for your talents! Me...not so much but I love it, especially the little heart-shaped nose. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Anonymous12:09 pm

    That is SO cool!!

  5. Wow, "über", thank you Steph and Elisabeth!! Elisabeth, Ronna and Flip want to learn and I told Ronna maybe I could teach the three of you. That said, the actual technique is really simple.

    Complete Book of Rug Hooking by Joan Moshimer -- a classic.

    I like The Rug Hook Book
    Techniques, Projects, and Patterns for This Easy, Traditional Craft by Thom Boswell.

    Art of Rug Hooking by Anne D. Mather

    The rug designs in these three aren't particularly funky (they are pretty traditional), as I recall, but they are good books.

    This one has more creative designs:

    Rag Rug Inspirations: New Designs For Traditional Techniques by Juliet Bawden

    Finally, check out the Rug Hooking Magazine website:

  6. Thank you Paula, TTPT and Jams! :)

  7. NICE rug! You're very talented.

  8. Thank you ladies! :)


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