Thursday, March 04, 2010

Can you hear me screaming?

What is this? This is the second sock of a pair I am knitting for Gordon. Where is the first sock?

I DON'T !*&@#$!!!%**+!@! KNOW!!!

Why don't I know? Because I LOST IT in Ottawa yesterday. A completely finished, hand-knit sock fell out of my computer bag, hence my screaming. And I don't have enough yarn to knit a third sock to replace the first one.

So I've sucked up my grief and ordered more yarn for another pair of socks for dear Gordini. If anyone finds a lone sock in Ottawa, stitch markers still attached, let me know!

On a brighter note, I've been having fun buying yarn on I got the merino/nylon superwash yarn pictured above in the Okay Knits shop, and the bag (to hold a sock knitting project) in the Crippenworks shop, where I also bought some lovely needlecases. I need to make some more things for my own Etsy shop, because I am spending more than I make there!

Oh where, oh where has my little sock gone, oh where, oh where can it be?

Sniff, sniff...


  1. Glad you found more yarn to finish the pair. You could have made a sock in another colour, it would have been a humourous reminder of your trip to the big city whenever Gord wore them:) Put an add on Kijiji Ottawa about the missing sock. "Missing and my Washing Machine Didn't Eat It"

  2. That's absolutely s(h)ocking!

  3. Alas, Paula, I couldn't get more of the same yarn, so I'm starting over a whole new pair of socks. And the Kijiji idea is a great idea. I love the subject line!

    Sean, you're hilarious!!! Sockingly so!

  4. Paula's ad is a good idea. People are very honest...with things they can't use. Maybe from now on, you could put a phone number on all knitted items. Well... I did when my sons would lose hats, mitts, even sweaters in their young days.

    I'm sure you're an expert socks knitter. You'll get the full pair in no time at all.I've never been very good at this sort of work. But I honestly tried, once I had met a young man I fancied. A friend patiently guided me in the tortuous steps of cable knitting. And I finally produced a green pure wool masterpiece which I offered with pride. I was soon brought back to the reality of my inadequacy when the young man made me promise never to knit him another pair of socks when I would be his wife!

    Lucky Gord to have a Knatolee in his life!

  5. Argh, that sucks!!!
    Do you know another way to get yarn for a new pair of socks? You can win it from a wonderful Etsy store. I've got the link for this contest on my blog post tomorrow. I'm just saying, because I like reading your blog,and I really like for Gordon to get some socks, otherwise I would be mum about this, because I want to win the yarn myself. :o))))

  6. Was there a dryer in the vicinity? You know how they always eat socks...
    All kidding aside, I'm sorry for the loss of your sock and all your hard work!

  7. Okay, did you notice that the Linked Within links are for sock monkeys?

  8. Claudia, I love your anecdotes. If you ever started a blog,it would be amazing. You've led the most fascinating life, you know.

    Monika, thank you for the excellent tip!

    Shelley, I think that poor sock was sucked into the great dryer in the sky or something. Dryers, so evil!

    Ronna, I did notice the sock monkey linkage. Not as weird as some of the associations that widget makes, though!!


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