Saturday, March 13, 2010

Love on a bath mat

Last night I flicked on the bathroom light and found this:

Alex and Naomi, locked in an embrace of love!

Alex knows he is impossibly sexy to girl-felines!

Then Sophie barged in for a threesome! Shocking! After a few wet kisses, she exited, leaving behind a couple of slightly-damp cats.

"Go away, human. We'd like to be alone now."


  1. Aww what a sweet pair they make!

  2. My 2 cats love to cuddle. I think it's so cute when they clean each other!

  3. Ah! Knatolee, you bring back to life my "Double" and "Trouble"...I used to envy the fact that my cats could cuddle, and clean one another, and it was cute and amusing. But people?????Hahaha!!!!

  4. Forget Sophie, you are always barging in on them too! Bad Bad Human!

  5. I guess that could be called being caught "inflagrante de-LICK-to"!

  6. Yes, I am a bad human, always disturbing kitty-cat love-trysts. :)

    TTPT, that's a magnificent pun!


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