Monday, March 29, 2010

Fun with Photo Booth...

Ahhh, if only I had had Photo Booth as a child. If only Mac computers had been invented when I was a child! Wait, I still have my inner child...

My evil twin, Natasha with her brain-sucking accomplice the Evil Gordini as their familiar, Julius, looks on, surely pondering the insanity of humans.

Instant facelift.

Tower of power!
Hmmm... it looks like I have a moustache. I assure you, I don't.

I'm just too negative these days, ar ar ar!

As my mother's voice rings in my ears: "It's going to stay like that!"

Peace and love, people, peace and love!


  1. Dammit, this thing was supposed to publish on Tuesday morning. Oh well.

    Good thing I never plan to run for government!

  2. aww. looks like you guys had fun. and you look real pretty in the last pic =)

  3. You look OK to me in every pic. Hardly see any difference. Was there supposed to be? Have fun, guys! Life is short....

  4. Anonymous6:26 pm

    "I'm too negative these days" HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHH God you just KILL me HAHAHHAHAHAHA. I love that "you're face will stay that way" too


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