Monday, March 01, 2010

Love me, love my chickens...

I present these photos to prove that my chickens (or at least Charlotte) are not cold-blooded Happy Wombat Boy killers, but actually loving little layers of luscious eggs.

See? Neither of us would hurt a fly. Okay, maybe a fly. But not a Happy Wombat Boy.


  1. Wait, are you sure they're not cold-blooded Happy Wombat Boy killers?

  2. You and your chickens are just TOO CUTE. All the more reason to raster up my mission against Evil Gordini and the forces.

    Yes. I haven't quite figured out who the forces are, but no doubt at some time in the near future, while I'm sharpening my knives on the 8,000-grit whetstone and when the voices have receded to a mere murmur instead of this constant roar, I'll ... I'll ...



  3. Anonymous6:58 pm

    of COURSE they're not evil, murderous villains. they're just lovely innocent little goils. ...with lovely feathers. :)

  4. Wombat Boy:

    You look disturbingly too much like me but your wit is antediluvian (umm, sorry, I'm not quite sure what that means) but I for one, as an obsessed Knattie chicken-dog, know that your days as a commentator, let alone those as a representative of the glorious wombat race


    Now Evil Gordini has a rival.

  5. But my heart melts . . . pat each and every one of those little girls/guys and tell them that ChefNick loves them just the way they are.

    Metro is just around the corner. Do you know how many ways you can do chicken thighs? The mind reels.

  6. Uhh . . . stupid question here, but can a male chicken lay an egg?

    Yeah, I know. Dumb question. But birdinent.

  7. Good lord, Nick, I can't keep up! Where to being?

    I don't know if you can hear it over the roar of the whetstone, but the chickens are making a lot of noise as they arm themselves with Uzis.

    As for Gordini and Wombatini, leave them to battle it out!

    Nick, how can your heart melt if you don't have one?!!!

    As for your questions, boy chickens don't lay eggs, but girl chickens can lay eggs with or without a boy chicken. However, if there is no rooster, the eggs will not be fertilized and there will be no baby chickens. You can eat fertilized eggs; you just have to collect them promptly and refrigerate them before embryos start developing!

  8. Why thank you Paula and Jams. I like you two; you don't threaten my girls! :)

  9. So, if boy chickens can't lay eggs, can boy frogs lay eggs?

    I guess they can.

  10. HWB, you always teach me something new. And another reason for me to hate herbicides!!!

  11. Knattie, upon further observation, with the "reality-in-front-o'me" as opposed to a frontal lobotomy, I have come to a disturbing conclusion.

    Those are not chickens. They never have been. You see them as chickens but THEY ARE NOT CHICKENS. I could point to any number of things wrong but hey, let's start with the first: THEY'RE TOO BIG. Either that or you Photoshopped them into insane bigness.

    They are small aliens from another world who have come in peace, but might get pissed off if I ever have a thing to do with it.

    My advice, for the time being: pat them and speak to them in soothing murmurs.

    Then prepare for the inevitable Rear Guard Invasion.

  12. You're such an oaf! But I'll bet the omelettes that Gordon will make from those chickie eggs are going to be DELICIOUS!

    PS I remember the feel of those feathers from my brother's chickens against my face, and it should be recommended by doctors as a soothing remedy for all ills . . . how can they be so fat and fuzzy at the same time?

    I hate to say it, but . . . enjoy.

  13. Nick, dear, I can't keep up with your rapid-fire brain! But let me try. They are chickens, and the black ones are larger than the red ones. They weigh between five and six pounds, and they are mostly fluffy feathers, armed with sharp beaks and claws. They only murder those who threaten to stew them, to which the ghost of Happy Wombat Boy can attest.

  14. ANd Nick, their feathers are veryveryvery soft. Cuddling chickens is much better for the common cold than cooking them up with noodles for soup!

    And the eggs are frigging marvelous!


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