Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Spring is sprung, part 2...

Here are a few more photos from my walk Sunday. It's amazing how much snow has melted even since then. Yesterday I was snowshoeing through muck in the fields. I think my snowshoeing days are just about at an end for this year, although we could still get a good snow dump. But it won't last long if we do.

Here is a cone from a white pine in our woodlot.

Late afternoon sun on snow.

When Gordon got a chainsaw lesson from his forester friend last fall, they felled this 40-year-old elm tree. The tree had already succumbed to disease and needed to come down. It'll make for decent firewood when it's chopped up.

I thought the chainsaw marks on the stump were quite artistic.

Snow tableau: closed pine cone, pine needles, keys from a maple tree, and rabbit poop.

On frozen pond. That's our barn way off in the background.

Meanwhile, back at the barn... well, HELLO, chickie!

Two of the girls hanging out by old fenceposts inside the barn. Why they were inside in the dark instead of out in the sunshine is completely beyond me.

Three Harco black girls, strutting their stuff.

The hens are having a great time scratching my garden to smithereens.

I love that the girls come running up to me when they see me. Of course, the treats help!


  1. LOVE the chainsaw marks!
    At first, I thought it was a photo taken from an airplane of the fields...imagination knows no bounds.

    Great shot!

  2. Great pics.

    ......and here is to the chickens:

    YOUR EGGS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The Chainsaw marks do look beautiful in their way Knatolee.

  4. Coolio. Love that spring HAS sprung!!

  5. Marvellous photos (parts 1-2)! As much as I loved spring sprunging(?), I hated to put snowshoes away, in my village. I walked so much faster on the snow than I did, in the mud, with rubber boots all summer. But it was compensated by the beautiful wild flowers everywhere, the fresh smell of unspoiled nature waking up, and "cascades" of water running down the rocky mountain. It was so musical.

    Wishing you, Gordon and family, a great spring renewal!

  6. Picture overload! I love the pine cone photo. It looks like a painting. I even like you hens. They look good outside! :o)

  7. Beautiful composition! You have the art to make something out of nothing.

  8. I thought those chainsaw marks were pretty interesting in the setting sun. I like your interpretation, Elisabeth.

    Willie, the girls thank you!

    Claudia, I am sad to put my snowshoes away, and the mud is driving me nuts, but I do like the sun and warmth.

    Ronna, I am starting to believe we may NOT get another snowstorm, but I guess time will tell.

    Jams, there is art in everything. Well, almost everything. Maybe not dog poop!

    Fran, thank you. That's a high compliment coming from an artist as talented as you.

  9. Thank you, K! That's high praise coming from a gifted photographer like you.


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