Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My helpful little familiars....

Naomi was very helpful when I was sewing the binding on my rug on Monday...


The sewing machine belong to my mother, who was a talented dressmaker (unlike me!) I can manage machine quilting, but I gave up on making clothes. The Janome must be twenty years old now.

And here we have...

Julius the stealth-kitty! My handsome, fluffalicious ten-year-old.


  1. Ha ha, as a certain Queen not used to say: We are amused.

  2. Anonymous11:23 am

    Our cats always want to "help." I guess that's why there's so much cat hair in everything around here. Julius is quite handsome. My Neferkitty said to say "hi, big boy."

  3. Haha Where would we be without our furry foremen?

  4. The secret is out! Now we know who is doing the artistic output we see all over the blog...Shaking paws with the real workers.

  5. Cute kitty! The rug looks very nice. Nice to have company.

  6. The cats, they are my co-workers! :)


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