Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is your cat. This is your cat on 'nip!

I recently bought some very cool cat toys on Etsy, stuffed with some VERY potent catnip. I thought my homegrown 'nip was strong, but this American stuff seems to impart a greater buzz.

Here's little Naomi enjoying her new toys. She took them onto a (filthy... why are the dog beds always filthy when I photograph them?! I swear I do wash them regularly!) dog bed and promptly got them covered in dog hair...

One toy is a vampire bat and the other is a coffin, from TheUpstairsRoom. Four paws up from Naomi! Alex gives three paws up, but that's because he only has three legs. The dogs approve as well. I have twice had to retrieve the vampire bat from the Sophie's mouth.

I'm sure Beethoven is rolling in his grave over the Jingle Cats' rendition of his ninth symphony...

Naomi checks out her new toys.

Nom nom nom nom nom!

Alex rubbing a 'nip toy against his forehead.

Ever so stoned!

"Man, this is good junk!"


  1. Happy kitties! Neat video! Those are some great photos you could frame.

  2. Beethoven is mighty proud! Best company he ever had. Great performance! I could do with some "nip"...

  3. Laughing at Naomi using her back legs to play w/ the toy too! It's so funny when kitties do that!

  4. They certainly look like they are enjoying it!

  5. Reminds me of this one time that our cat Boquito (RIP) ripped into a foil pouch of catnip that came with a new scratching pad. We came home to find him sopping wet with drool and crazy eyed.

    We laughed for weeks about that one.

  6. Toys'r'us!

    And what did the oviparous ladies get to play with?

  7. I know what my cat would be saying: I want to have what she's having!

  8. Bridget was up on my desk when I played your video. The Jingle Cats caused her ears to twitch as she searched frantically for the intruders. Great entertainment! Must get some of that nip.

  9. Haha, Strangely only on of our cats is a nip head. Ted is sio funny to watch when high on the stuff

  10. When I was a kid, we had a very odd cat. She'd climb halfway up the stairs to the second floor of the house. Chill out for a while. Then she'd get this really strange look in her eye and go absolutely crazy--running around in circles, clawing at the carpet on the stairs, etc., like she was on some combo of catnip and crack. After this went on for a while, she'd zoom up the rest of the stairs and disappear for a few minutes.

    When she came back downstairs, it was like nothing had ever happened. And she'd only do this in that one particular spot.

  11. Callie, I have so many photos I need to print out. I'm so behind!

    Claudia, Beethoven definitely needed to lighten up a bit.

    Shelley, aren't kitties great? She was just killing that toy.

    THanks for stopping by, Wandering Cat!

    James, it sounds like Boquito (great name!) didn't know when to stop. Another junkie!

    Sean, the oviparous ladies (love that turn of phrase!) got a purple cabbage, which was equally thrilling to them.

    Elisabeth, it was really good junk.

    Fran, are your kitties responding to catnip yet? I know they have to reach a certain age, and some cats never react to it.

    Jams, Ted is lucky! He gets all the fun for himself.

    Jim, that was one crazy cat you had. Great story!


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