Sunday, March 14, 2010

Guest rodents

My friends down in Maryland are enjoying the first flowers of spring. So is their guinea pig, Chester:

Hmmm, is Chester smelling the flowers, or thinking about eating them?

Meanwhile, Simon the guinea pig prefers being indoors, investigating under the dishwasher!

And Hannah, the youngest in the family, did this lovely drawing of a hippo. I'm giving it honourary rodent status for the purposes of this post!

(Thank you Rachel, for letting me share your photos!)


  1. Cutie little rodents. I love when guinea pigs talk. It's adorable.

  2. Hippo?..I thought it was a pig!
    I guess Art is subjet to interpretation.
    Ahhh Spring flowers..Can our crocusses (croci?) be far behind!

  3. I love guinea-pig speak too, Michele. My first pet of my own was a calico GP named Heidi.

    Elisabeth, I had the same thought but decided not to challenge the 5-year-old artist!

  4. I have seen some sows that were as big as wise... to a 5 year old, it could be a hippo!
    But I must admit,I love the way a 5 year old minds works. No editing: just gut!


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