Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What I found in the bookstore...

I found an independent bookstore in Ottawa that I really like, called Perfect Books. They had some really cool titles in the crafty section, including one called Subversive Cross-stitch, which I see also has a website. If I still did cross-stitch, I think I might have to do the Shut Your Piehole sampler, although I'm also fond of People are Cattle. Perhaps I need to do some subversive rug hooking!

I also nearly bought a book called Softies Only a Mother Could Love, but decided to hold off for a bit. Given limitless funds, I would spend practically all my money on books, and then the house would collapse from the weight of them all. In the end I bought Less is More, which is published by a small press, New Society Publishers, out on Gabriola Island in BC. Funnily enough, I once had a nice chat with the owners of that company, in the Vancouver Airport. I was knitting something while waiting for a plane (I think it was a sock!) and they were interested in it and we had a nice chat. I am always happy to support small publishers!


  1. I never seem to have enough books...Yet, according to your latest one, Less is More. I love it :))))

  2. There is another bookstore in Ottawa you might like to check out next time your are there,

    Less is More sounds like a pretty good read. The title, while being a cliche is still bang on.

    Funny how we spend our lives accumulating things for our homes and ourselves only to find that we have to downsize considerably when we can no longer stay in our homes on our own. By then we come to the realization that we didn't really need 90% of the darn stuff anyway!

  3. I love to spend time in used books stores. My daughter had one for a few years. We have way too many books.

  4. I am in love with the pieces from Subversive Cross Stitch! It takes that lovely homey craft to a whole new level. It just cracks me up!

  5. yes, Claudia, I did see the humour in buying yet another book to add to my collection, with the title Less is More. Hahaha!

    Paula, that place looks great. I will check it out when I am next in the neighbourhood!

    Callie, no such thing as "too many books." :) well, maybe if your house collapses under the weight of them!

    Michele, it cracked me up too.


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