Sunday, March 21, 2010

String o' pearls...

Why? I don't know. I just felt a need to make a chicken out of Fimo polymer clay this afternoon. She's a classy chick; note the pearl necklace!


  1. So cute. You have such a wonderful sense for colours...I'm so jealous:)

  2. That's so cool . . . I feel like reproducing it in Illustrator.

  3. Now that is one cute chicken!

  4. I agree; she's very ladylike...

    For a rooster!

  5. Ready for the Easter Parade!

  6. Thanks Paula!

    Jams, all my chickens are ladylike. They are very refined.

    Go ahead Nick. Just use it for good, not evil.

    Callie, you have some extremely cute chickens yourself!

    Ronna, I was thinking of matching pearl necklaces for the eleven hens. THat would be an interesting photo shoot, eh?

    HWB, perhaps she's a transgendered chicken!

    Claudia, there's an idea. I could make an Easter parade of Fimo chickens. Hmmmm....

  7. Knatty,

    If you get the Food Channel you should watch "Jamie's Fowl Dinners". A quite illuminating exposé of chicken farming.

    Never again will I look at your chickens with less lust (free-range, slow growth, lots of love, imagine the taste of all that care!)


  8. I will have to catch that Jamie show, although I am sure it will make me cringe.

    As for the girls, can't you just savour their free-range, lots of love, full of care EGGS instead of dreaming of noshing on their FLESH?

    Do you know my VETERINARIAN is now threatening to eat my chickens every bloody time I see him? You men!!!

  9. Oh, don't mistake me, I love eggs! And I especially love the fact that they're a renewable resource and no one gets killed (kind of like the difference between wool and sheepskin).

    But you have so many! Surely you'd be willing to part with JUST ONE! Willie and Wombat Boy and I would each take a third and rustle up a mean meal for the whole neighbourhood!

    I'd make Thai green chicken curry. You haven't lived till you've tasted it! And just think -- you could make a neat frontiersman's cap out of the feathers.

    _=+) ^=^

  10. Mmmm, I do love a good Thai green... WAIT A MINUTE! Chef Nick, your eeeeeeeevil knows NO BOUNDS!!! You are the baddest of the bad. But the cap sounds cool. But you're BAD. And the chickens would be very stringy. They get a lot of exercise. It would be like roasting Jane Fonda.


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