Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Uh hello? Spring?

Well, this whole area got HAMMERED by the storm of the winter March 8 - 9. It lasted about 36 hours and was unreal. In total, my area got 45 cm of snow and 15 cm of ice pellets. For you non-metric types, that equals TWO FEET on top of all the stuff we already had!

The Saturday morning, it was just beautiful. The snow was all stuck to the trees... so pretty. Gordon and I snowshoed with the dogs.

Here is Tristan enjoying a good roll in the snow. He and Sophie both love to do this:

In the woodlot, the trees were absolutely laden with snow, their boughs touching the ground. It was gorgeous. Sophie liked it too:

It was a real winter wonderland...

By Sunday night, things had deteriorated. High winds blew all the snow off the trees, and the real precipitation started. It was all over by Sunday afternoon. None of these photos adequately show just how much snow there really was. Here's a view of the front of the farm. The drifts on the septic field are pushing up towards the top of the hedges, which are taller than me!

Our plough-guy did a great job clearing our driveway. You can see here that the snow is taller than Sophie in places. Because it was so windy, snow blew all over and there were huge drifts as well as almost-bare patches.

Sophie and Tristan play ball on the driveway.

Okay, the barn last April:

The barn last week:

The granary last April:

The granary last week:

Much as I have enjoyed snowshoeing and skiing and all that stuff this winter, I'd say I am ready for spring now. Bring on the tulips! I do believe this is going to be the snowiest Easter weekend I can ever remember.


  1. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Oooooohhhhhhh HOW UTTERLY BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the pic of the "winter wonderland" WOW. and of course LOVE the pics of the babies rolling in the snow (WHY do they DO that???! hahahah).

    the snow plow job is great too ... The edge is amazing. AND the comparison pics .. just incredible. The amount of snow is just mind boggling.

    Wow ... it just so hard to believe all that snow and cold.


    thanks for the update ;)

  2. It is beautiful but I'm sure you're ready to see your yard again.

    I though it humorous that you have a plow guy. We have grass-cutting guys, but you have a plow guy. We live opposite lives, don't we?
    PS: You might like to see my garden & spring equinox posts on raising fishermen blog.

  3. There was a bit of snow here, too, but at least it hasn't got up to my window yet.

  4. Anonymous7:13 am

    Nat, I'm with you on being sooo ready for Spring!

    That barn looks nice and cozy for mini donkeys though, even with the snow :)

  5. I know you're sick of that snow, but WOW how pretty! Of course the dog pics are always my favorite!!

    We (Dallas) actually got snow 2 weeks ago (more than the 1st one I think you saw). I have pics on my blog you'll have to check it out. It was funny my poor dog kept trying to squat to pee but her little behind kept hitting that cold snow and she kept jumping.

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  6. Wow, I can't believe all the snow you got. I love the picture of Sophie on the path in between the snow-laden trees. Just beautiful!! It's middle spring here. The daffodils have finished blooming and now the azaleas and dogwoods are just starting to open their buds.

  7. Well, the dogs are still enjoying the snow, anyway!

    So maybe you don't want to know that it's been 70-ish here, and should be 90 where we're going tomorrow. We've packed out bathing suits and sunscreen. :-)


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