Thursday, October 25, 2018

Crumpets 'n' stuff

My Dad was a big crumpet fan. He made me a big crumpet fan.

There's not too much to them, so I don't know why I like them so much. But I do, along with a cuppa tea. Maybe because it's an excuse to eat butter.

I was toasting crumpets yesterday and I heard my Dad's voice telling me to make them "nice and crispy!" As in almost burned. Of course, he was the one who left his Marks & Spencer Extra-strong teabag in the mug as he drank his extra-EXTRA strong tea! He liked things well-done, except for his meat, which he preferred medium-rare. He was an excellent cook, and I can still taste his chili and his split-pea soup. 

My Dad's been gone for 26 year; I still miss him. My parents split up when I was eight, but I spoke to my Dad on the phone every single day (in the days before cell phones!) until I was well into high school. As I grew older, he was the one person I could turn to for support and advice when I had a problem, and I always knew he would listen well and give me the help I needed. I knew he had my best interests at heart. Sometimes I still want to call him up to talk to him... we always used to start out conversations talking about what we were having or had just had for supper. Food was important to both of us! I still have his phone number memorized, even though he died when I was 28. He lived in the same apartment for the last 18 years of his life. I had a dream about him the other night. I was trying to call him, but I couldn't get through. I often have that dream about him and I just see it as my desire to talk to him coming out in my subconscious.

Meanwhile in foster-kitten land...

...Jack thought he'd sample a power tool.

And this week I have gotten in some horseback riding...

...the best place to be!

Everybody had burrs in their tails and manes when we got back from our trip. but I have them all sorted out now. I wish my hair look as good as Roo's!


  1. Your Dad is a man after my own. My Scottish granny would say you could stand a spoon in my tea. My partner makes fun of me wanting my burger buns half burnt. haaha

  2. Your dad sounds like he was an amazing person. Great to read some memories you had with him. Supper would be the main thing me and my dad would talk about also. Jack, you are too much with the power tool. Glad you see you got some horseback riding in. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
    World of Animals

  3. dentistry - doing it weird :)

    sounds like your dad was a good guy and left you with great memories

  4. Crumpets sound like something I would love to try!

    1. i don't know why I love them so much.... it's not like they have a ton of flavour or anything...

  5. I'm guessing crumpets are English muffins? That's what they look like. I like those... and with lots of real butter! As for tea, I like mine with one tea bag (preferably Irish breakfast) steeped for one minute, with 3 teaspoons cream (or evaporated milk). My brother is the only person I ever knew that used 2 teabags per cup. He liked his tea strong too.
    And that pic of Jack reminds me too much of the horrors of dentistry.

    1. Actually they are quite different! The texture is... how to describe? Smoother, less bread-like:

      I am a fan of English muffins too. I am a Yorkshire Gold tea gal, one bag, steeped for seven minutes. :)
      And I see what you mean about Jack's photo!

  6. Your dad sounds like a great guy. I totally understand the desire to give him a call, I feel the same way about both mom and dad. Sunday afternoon was our regular time to call.

    The crumpets look delish...I love butter too!


    1. It's hard losing parents.... those habits (calling, etc) are so ingrained!

      I have a problem with butter, lol

  7. ooooO! Yes!'em! Pass the honey please! :).
    HaHa! I had to chuckle..reading about yer Dad..I thought,
    that's me your talking about..At least my daughter says
    the same things about me..And l loved being a Dad, and
    a Mum, as l was a single parent for fourteen years...
    My home was always full of kids, great fun..Lovely memories,
    even though it's a long time ago daughter is 42yrs
    old now..But were all still kids at heart..! :).

    Love horses, used to ride a lot as a boy..owned a pony for
    a while to..
    HeHe! Nice to see Jack learning the 'drill'..Bless!x 😺 😻

    1. I was an only child, so I got all the crumpets! ;))) My Dad was from England... luckily crumpets aren't too hard to find in Canada.

  8. Jack has good taste in power tools. ALL the horse look beautiful after their grooming. What a job! Ooh, crumpets! I like mine lightly toasted. Apologies to your father I do however like my tea super strong ... as long as there’s milk.

    1. I'm with you - i need milk. My dad took milk too!

  9. Anonymous7:57 am

    Hi Natalie, it is so hard when we lose our Dads. You lost yours way too young, I am so sorry.
    I agree with you on crumpets, love them!
    Take care.

  10. You had a very special dad!

  11. My family has strong roots in the UK, we often had crumpets!!!! Lovely memory.

  12. I loved reading about your Dad, Natalie ............ and I could also eat that lovely, toasted crumpet right-off-of my CRT screen, too, (haha)!
    Jack is the sweetest little boy---- my husband's name is Jack; so, maybe I'm a little bit biased, you know!

  13. The very sight of those brings back so many memories of my own dearly departed father. He absolutely loved them.... For breakfast. In the middle of the day. As a snack at night. Any time. The only way he ever ate them was slathered in butter with a Sprinkle of sugar. He would then toast them in the toaster oven until the sugar started to just slightly burn. The very smell takes me back into his kitchen while he made these. I still eat them but I do not put sugar on them but sometimes will put a drizzle of honey. Funny how food is so deeply connected with memories of those we love. You may not be able to reach your dad in your dreams but he is there. He is there in the kitchen... he's there in the fields.. he's always with you, as mine is there with me. My dad has been gone for 11 long years and I still think of him every single day. And wish that I could talk to him. He held my hand when I came into this world and I held his as he left this one. The bond cannot be broken... and if our Legacy is food and a love of animals than both of our dads did a fantastic job. Now off to the kitchen to see if we have any crumpets and or English muffins with a little sprinkle of sugar.


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