Saturday, October 06, 2018

Another day, another cone

Poor Redford... the MOnday of the week Keaton disappeared, Redford showed up with a large gash at the base of his tail. It was a clean cut, not an animal bite; he managed to slice himself open on something. He needed ten stitches, a drain, painkillers and antibiotics! And he had to stay in the granary for two weeks (in fact, he's still there. Indoor life seems to suit this barn cat!)

He was remarkably tolerant of his cone, almost proud of it!

The cone came off last Tuesday, and he has healed up really well. I would LOVE to know how he hurt himself. I hate having any outdoor cats, but we have such vermin problems in our barn without a few barn cats on patrol!

Meanwhile, Monty got skunked for the first time last week...

THat's mud on his ruff. My theory is, a skunk paraded itself along the fenceline, and Monty was trying to dig under the fence to get at it, but failed and instead got a shot of Pepé Le Pew parfum!

Meanwhile in Spain, things are smelling much sweeter. Today we walked around the beautiful town of Estepona...

People here take a lot of pride in their homes. It really is a very beautiful country!

And flashback to earlier this year when we did Cats on Your Mats yoga, and dear Keaton had the time of his life!


  1. Spain!?! Wow! Looks like really nice weather, too!

    1. Since Monty's such a good, ~*B.I.G.*~ boy, I bet ----[i.e., if the wind had been "just right"!]---- that you & Gordon might've even been able to SMELL him way over in Spain, (haha!), post- his being sprayed by a skunk!
      I'm so glad that "Mr. Regal-Looking In His Cone" Redford is healing up well, post- tail laceration! ['Definitely a mystery, for sure, about how it happened!]
      Estepona is just beautiful---- the color combinations the residents use to decorate their homes are simply gorgeous!:
      Cobalt-blue outdoor planters with mustard-yellow outdoor
      column/awning/windowsill accents ............
      Terracotta-red window/balcony accents with pine-green window blinds ............ and
      Turquoise roof accents, window/windowsill accents, security grillwork, and outdoor planters with washed-coral roof/windowsill accents and window blinds!
      'Totally loving all your travel photos + 'so happy, Natalie, that you & Gordon are having a lovely, (richly-deserved!), and relaxing time!

    2. Thanks Rosanna! SPain is such a beautiful country.

  2. Redford is so handsome!

    Spain look gorgeous. I hope you're enjoying every minute!

  3. Did you see the wall murals on the buildings surrounding the Orchidsrium?

    1. I didn't, because we never did get there! Which is why I must come back to Spain IMMEDIATELY!

  4. Redford's paws are the sweetest! The houses in Spain are lovely!!

  5. I agree on both counts! :)


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