Friday, December 16, 2016

My new office, ha ha ha!

Got up today to discover some cat had peed and pooped all over my office chair! We don't have too many of these incidents, which is pretty amazing considering the number of cats we have. But Gordon locked a bunch of cats in my office this morning to feed them, then didn't let them out in a timely fashion. Ahem.

So today, this was my office...

My old office chair is out in the snow. Too much pee even to try salvaging it, but it was getting old anyway. Maybe the cats just wanted me to have a nice new chair! Thank God for Odormute, which took care of the pee on my floor protector mat.

And yesterday I picked up this bed thinking the dogs might like it... the dogs ever had a chance. Today Pip, Honey and Annuk took possession.

Then Daisy came along...

Pip and Honey were unperturbed.

Annuk wasn't much bothered by the prospect of Daisy either!

Daisy. You wouldn't!

Oh yes, you would.

Plopped herself right on top of her sister Honey!

Hoeny didn't mind at all. Nor did Pip or Annuk! When we got up this morning, this was the temperature:

-35C/-22F. Which I expect in January, but not on December 16, when it's not even officially winter yet!! So no wonder the cats were all cuddled up in a warm heap. 

But this guy...

...doesn't seem to mind winter one bit! His coat is incredibly thick now. Monty is 10 months old and doing really well.

Hope you are all staying warm out there. Have a great weekend!


  1. That is adorable! I've never seen so many kitties in one bed.. but I don't blame them. That bed looks so inviting and it's so cold there. You have a heart of gold!

  2. Well the new bed was a great hit! You'll know what to buy for cats from now on.

  3. Haha..this is so cute. That Honey is one laid back cat. "Hi Pip." xo

  4. I have to say, that's about the only good thing about losing Tux... no more accidents!
    Haven't seen Annuk in a while - she is such a pretty girl.

  5. -35 C sounds like a nightmare to me, here in France it's 8 C this morning; I can cope with that. I think you should send a photo to the cat bed manufacturers, they could hold a 'How many cats...' competition!

  6. Brrrr!!!-----> Purrrr..... :)

  7. Holy moly that is cold. We never get beyond -2 degree c here so hats off to you guys. Love all the cats in the bed. Hilarious.

    Julie and Poppy

  8. Hi Natalie, sorry about your office chair! I am just trying to imagine the kitty litter you must go through in a month. Staggering I am sure.
    Wonderful photos of the kitties. They do look cosy.
    Goodness you were cold. It was -20 C yesterday morning here.
    Have a great weekend too!

  9. Never say, "You wouldn't!" to a cat. :)

  10. I just laughed out loud at the cats in the bed. Oh my, love them. Stay warm and enjoy the day! Hugs!!

  11. Oh oh, not good. One of mine will poop somewhere else (usually on my bed) if there is ANY poop in her litter box, so I have to keep an eye on it. I wish my two would snuggle up like that. They can hardly bear to look at each other.

  12. What is this nonsense of "not officially Winter yet" when "Mid-Winter Day" is 21 December? Are the winter months not December, January, February then? You reckon March is Winter not Spring and December is still Autumn? "Meteorological Winter", ie December, January, February is the only definition that makes any sense to me, and is it not so cheerful that we are nearly halfway through? Keep warm and Season's Greetings, whatever system of seasons you use.

  13. I am sorry but how could you pick up a bed that looks sooooooooooo comfy cozy and NOT expect the cats to use it? OMC!!!!! It's PURRFECT for the kitties!!!!!! catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Bahahah the cats are way smarter than me!

  14. Oh my goodness, finding such a mess in your office must have been a bit of a surprise.

    Love the cat pile-up!

  15. what a hilarious photo of the four cats in the dog bed!...two of them stacked...I howled...;)

  16. Obviously you could have gotten a much smaller bed, which would leave you more room on your desk. The cats wouldn't be bothered a bit. (And as for the mess on your chair and floor, so it WAS Gordon after all!)

  17. that is one magical bed.. and I bet it made you smile to watch them all climb in it

  18. What a wonderful picture to begin my day.

  19. What a wonderful cat pile! That bed looks so cozy, I would have tried to climb in there too.

  20. As one multicast household to another let me tell you what you want for Christmas this year: your very own Rug Doctor cleaning machine with upholstery attachments. The commercial model. You will never know how easy your life will be when faced with accidents, even old accidents. Dogs going through puberty and soaking the entire front of your couch? No problem. Cat pee on the mattress ? No problem.
    This machine puts out cleaning fluid and sucks it back up at the same time. The thing is heaven sent!


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