Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cuteness heals!

Oh boy... what a week it has been. On Christmas Eve, we took in this little dude for a very short-term foster:

His name is Felix, he is about 10 weeks old, and on December 24th, he flew from the Turks & Caicos to Montreal via Miami, his final destination being Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue, from where we adopted Chloe and Dodger.

EOPR put out a call for someone to look after him until Boxing Day. My friend Jackie kindly offered to pick him up at the airport and drive him to our place so that we could temporarily foster him.

As you can see, Felix had no problems settling in.

He is already 98% potty-trained! That sweater had a big Santa face on the back. SO cute!

He's good with cats! Actually I think he was in shock.

Felix was supposed to leave on Boxing Day, but we had bad freezing rain, so the ladies from EOPR came out to get him the day after. And now he is up for adoption!

You can apply through their website. EOPR is located in Ottawa. I don't think he's going to have any trouble finding a home. Felix was easy for me to resist, because he is so adoptable. But as you will see towards the end of this post, another puppy is trying to suck us into her vortex of adorability!

Meanwhile, Christmas day was a write-off. Gordon woke up with a fever of almost 103F and was sick as the proverbial dog. We were supposed to have his mother over until Boxing Day, but none of us wanted her exposed to the flu, so she got to spend Christmas Day by herself. She was very good about that, but I felt bad. If I had had the time, I would have gone to visit her, but I had zero chore help on Christmas Day (Gordon was supposed to be my chore help!) so I spent five hours doing chores and the rest of the time looking after my poor sick husband. Fortunately I don't seem to have caught his bug.

I did find some time to spend cuddling Monty on Christmas...


But mostly I was having pity-party for one on December 25!

Monty is a real leaner and cuddler. He really is the most awesome dog, even if he does tend to smell like goat these days. He's 10 months old now and enormous. He is super smart (too smart!!), sweet and he has quite the sense of humour. I enjoyed my time with him on Christmas Day.

Meanwhile, here's the January centrefold!

Dodger has no shame whatsoever. 

And, er, um, er, when EOPR picked up Felix, they left this gal behind....

Her name is Gigi and she is a 5-month old Jampup like Dodger and Chloe (from Jamaica.) She is lovely but quite shy, so we agreed to foster her for a few weeks and help her come out of her shell. Except...

...she is turning out to be irresistible, and she fits in a little too well. Yesterday she spent several hours sleeping with her head on Gordon's shoulder. 

And as you can see, I can't have three dogs in the house because it leaves no room on the bed for me! Last night I had nowhere to put my legs and ended up sleeping diagonally between Dodger and Emily the cat. Because I am now totally soft in the head! I never used to let dogs sleep on the bed. I have completely lost it.

We don't have white bedding, by the way. That's a cheapo bedspread I put over our pretty new duvet cover that I will apparently never see because our bed is always covered in smelly animals! ;)

And here is Gigi's ad from EOPR:

But I'm not convinced we are going to be able to give her up. 
Houston, we have a problem...


  1. Hi Natalie, so sorry to hear Gordon was sick. What a Christmas Day you had!
    Gigi is adorable, I see why you are having trouble giving her up. She does fit right in. When we purchased our new bedroom set 8 or 9 years ago we had to get a bigger size because our cat Sam slept in between us and hogged a good part of the bed. What we won't do for our pets! We are their slaves.
    Take care.

    1. Truer words were never spoken! Slaves indeed... Like when I was sleeping diagonally last night so as not to disturb Dodger or Emily.

  2. Oh, he's perfect for us. And we're actually thinking about adopting. But plenty here in need of homes when we do decide. BUT, oh, he so's perfect!!!

    1. He is an awesome pup. Wait, were you talking about Gordon? LOL

  3. Oh the puppies are both so cute. I'm thinking you are not going to let Gigi go. What can I say, I see her fitting right in. Oh sleeping with or should I say around the animals is always a trick. Happy New Year! Hugs!

  4. Better just accept the fact that you now have THREE indoor dogs and leave it at that. So sorry to hear that Gordon was sick for Christmas. Many folks here in the USA (eastern part anyway) were sick leading up to and including Christmas. Hugs for all the human and animals at Bee Meadow Farm.

  5. So sorry about Christmas Day being a washout. Both of us were down with the flu two years ago on Christmas, so been there, done that! Before too long, Natalie, you're going to be sleeping out in the barn and the animals will have taken over the house. :)

  6. I'm sorry, but, she looks like she's from the same family. YOURS!

  7. Natalie, I had to laugh about the sleeping arrangements... as last night Ghost decided to take up the bottom quarter of my side of the bed and there was no place to put my legs (and she has the audacity to growl whenever my legs accidentally bump her). To be honest, it has to be hard to *foster* and then let go. Some will just worm their way into your heart.

  8. Doing the 'I knew it-giggle giggle- happy dance.'
    Epic foster fail/furever. 🐕💜
    So pleased for all of you but isn't it a wee bit 'unfair' to get Gordon to agree to this when he is feverish? Or was that part of your master plan.... muhahha
    Congratulations on your new furkid.
    Any adoption makes me happy but ones that come with updates are the very very best.

  9. I hope Gordon makes a rapid recovery. You need all the help you can get.

    It seems that at christmas time there's all kinds of critters that need emergency care.

  10. Soooo sorry that Gordon was sick, ugh!!!!!! Hoping he is feeling much better! The pups are adorable though!!!! DakotasDen

  11. Being sick over Christmas sucks. I'm sorry Gordon was feeling ill - I'm sure having all the pups on the bed helped him feel better.

    Gigi is adorable! I can't imagine her leaving.

  12. I hope Gordon gets rid of his germs soon. Good on you for working hard on feeding and cleaning the tribe on Christmas day. We hope you get a chance to celebrate in the New Year.


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