Saturday, December 19, 2015

Yes, pigs DO fly!

So, we've been having work done on our granary, including a new roof. When I got home the other day, there was a Christmas card in my mailbox that said "Merry Christmas from your favourite elves! Hope you like the gift!"

But I couldn't see a gift anywhere. Looked all around... nothing. So off I went to the barn to do chores. And when I came up the steps from the lower barn half an hour later, I finally saw it...


Our very own pig weathervane! Luc, who does lots of work here for us (including the granary) found this, and he and Shawn (who looks after our garden and also helps out Luc) went in on it, and waited until I was out for the day to install it on our new granary roof.

What they didn't know is that I have wanted a cool weathervane since we bought out first house in 1996. And this one is PERFECT! The pigs' pen is in the old carriage shed attached to the back of the granary. Now they have a flying pig to overlook them in their pasture!

Shawn took the above pic while he was on the roof installing the weathervane.

I feel pretty lucky to have such kind and thoughtful people in my life. We just love this.

And here's a pic of Tristan, who thinks the cats get way too much attention. But he does like a good cat bed...

Oh yeah, Gordon fell off his doofus horse Sandy at our riding lesson last night! He's fine. She tripped (she's a klutz like her daddy!) and he sort of slithered off with a soft thud. I was riding ahead of him at the time and just saw him hit the ground. He was fine and got right back on again. It has been quite the week with Sandy... first she tosses us out of the cart at driving camp, now she's dumping Gordon!

I think he would have stayed on were his seat just a little more developed. She went down on her two front legs when she tripped, and Gordon lost his balance.

But we still love her! She is just four years old and still learning. :)


  1. What kind, thoughtful friends you and Gordon are blessed with! A great gift. We have a rooster weathervane on our garage roof. This is the first one we have had. I find myself looking up at it in the morning when I go outside, to check the wind direction.
    I wish you, Gordon and all your critters a wonderful Christmas Natalie!

  2. Well, as they say, you've gotta get right back on that horse. . .
    Fabulous weather vane. Too bad that by their very nature they have to be so far away!

  3. I know how pleased your elves were to find such a great weather vane and get it up in secret. We have a Pegasus weather vane that has passed through several families; it's just fun to look at.

  4. Some people have a real knack for buying the right gift and presenting it in a neat way.

  5. That is a special weather vane!! I've always wanted one too. Looks like everyone loves you two special people!

  6. Well, who doesn't like a pig weathervane? I hope he was wearing his riding helmet.

  7. Absolutely brilliant. I wanted a thatched piggie on our roof and WASN'T ALLOWED!!!!

  8. OK, Sandy tripped, but Gordon slithers off and lands with a thud. Who'd you call the dufus? Just kidding, obviously. THIS dufus would have somehow landed on his head. I am in love with that weather vain. You ARE lucky and the people in your life are lucky, too!

  9. Weather VANE!!! Nothing vain about it.

  10. um, Tristan, you don't really fit there..

  11. What a unique weather vane! Definitely you have wonderful friends.

    The photo of Tristan makes me laugh, I wonder if he thinks it is just his size.

  12. Sandy really is a beautiful horse. And that weather vane is perfect. Tristan is a heart-melter. You can see his good heart in his eyes.

  13. What a perfect weather vane!! Love all the animals, and I LOVE you bedspread!


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