Saturday, December 26, 2015

Just kidding around!

I have a very tolerant donkey!

Hope all of you who celebrate it had a very nice Christmas!




Poor things! I made them dress up!

I've been on edge for days, because last Tuesday, Penny the pregnant goat seemed to lose her "plug" and start displaying some early signs of  "I am ready to kid!" Her ligaments all loosened up around her back end. So we brought her (right) and Genny (for company) into the barn.

Penny (right) has been stressing me out every since.

Genny is left, Penny (preggars) is right.

Penny on left, Genny on right.

This was a few days earlier.... wide load! Finally got that stupid ear tag out.

"I'm not pregnant!"

"Why do I have to be in here?"

Aaanyway, no kid(s) yet. Spoke to the vet today, because Penny has also got a cough so we've put her on penicillin. Apparently birthing is stressful and sometime animals (cows in particular) develop pneumonia when brought in the barn, and God knows we don't want that! He also said that they can take up to a week to give birth after the ligaments soften!

My friends who know more than me have all confirmed that I'm not imaging all this and she actually will give birth soon. Meanwhile, we haven't been getting a lot of sleep and I obsessively run down to the barn to check on her to make sure nothing's happening. I have been waiting since Tuesday for Gordon to set up the baby monitor thing he bought but it ain't happening, which is too bad, because it would save me a lot of trips to the barn.

But Emerson is not perturbed...

Not one iota!

Send good vibes for an uncomplicated birth sometime soon. I'm sick of worrying! We only figured out she as pregnant a few weeks ago when her udder starting swelling. She apparently got knocked up sometime before she arrived here at the end of August.

Happy Boxing Day!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and the whole family. We love seeing pictures of the gang, and they were very tolerant for getting dressed up.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. Cuteness :-) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas :-)

  3. Emerson looks very nonchalant; like he's seen it all before!

  4. Maybe you should just move into the barn!

  5. I'm surprised you haven't simply been sleeping with Penny and Genny -- or just taking Genny's place. Hope all is going well.

  6. But Esme and Finney seem about enough about it. Our favorite donkey was the little girl dressed up for the nativity play in church last Sunday ... almost as cute as your donkey!

  7. Wishing Penny a safe delivery. At least her friend Genny will be there to hold her hand--er, hoof.

  8. As long as your critters don't put anything on you to make you look funny you'll be okay. Mine sometimes try to dress me in hay, snot, and fur. They keep me in line that way.

  9. Having had goats for a long time when I was younger, usually they wait until you're not thinking about it. Also, when you can't feel the tendons at all, is when she'll have the kids. If you can still feel them, you're probably okay. :)

  10. As above said, when you aren't thinking about her or at 2-3 am in the morning, she'll decide to kid. I'd check at midnight my Mom at 2 am and I'd go out to milk and feed at 4:30 am and there would be a kid or 2 waiting on us. So relax it will happen when that baby is ready, not when you are. hehehehe Glad you had a Merry Christmas here's to a Happy New Year!

  11. I read what Cleopawtra said above and I agree... I was going to say it more than likely will happen when you are NOT there, that's how things go! Love the photos and hope you had a wonderful Christmas! catchatwithcarenandcody

  12. Merry Christmas! I hope the kids arrive soon so both you and Penny can get some rest.

  13. good luck and paws crossed for Penny (and you). be sure to tell Emerson it is all fun and games until there are kid goats running around MOL

  14. We hope Penny has an uneventful labor and delivery. No reason to worry...Emerson has everything under control!

  15. Happy New year old bean , hoping 2016 will be a cracker xxxxxxx

  16. That's a lot of stress to bring in the New Year! I'm getting here late so hopefully Penny has given birth and all went well. Wishing you and Gordon and all the happy critters a wonderful 2016!


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