Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What's that white stuff?

We are in the midst of our first real snowstorm of the winter. It started in the wee hours of this morning and should be over by tomorrow morning. This area may get up to a foot of snow when it's done.

It does look very pretty.

It is also the first real snowfall for our Greek kitties!

Daisy is asking Honey if they dare go out there!

Honey is thinking about it.

They decided to give it a try!

The cat door is pegged open because Gordon just installed five cats doors and the only ones who have figured out how to open them so far are the brain trust of Buttercup and Redford!

Missy joined Honey and Daisy to scope out the situation.


Daisy seemed a little confused but...

...she managed to explore anyway!

Redford was unfazed.

They didn't stay out for long!

And Daisy is earning her keep. She caught a vole in the barn today...

Redford came to check it out.

But Daisy said, "It's mine, mine, mine!"

The ponies were coping with the snow. But what was Finney staring at?

Deer in our fields! There were ten of them back there. When Gordon let the ponies out the other morning, there was a doe right in this paddock. Finney ran straight back in the barn and the doe jumped back over the fence.

And here are more Greek kitty antics! First time in the snow, and hey, Daisy caught a vole today!


  1. You are getting more snow than we are! Everything is so beautiful where you are. I'd like a view like that! I see woods from my paddock. xoxoxo

  2. Oh my. I take it the vole ended up as Daisy's snack?

  3. Welcome to the white world. They will be snow professionals soon. It will be interesting to see which prefer to stay in.

  4. Well, the snow is falling in a good place! How nasty can I get? Stay safe and warm.

  5. Loved seeing them explore in snow for the first time. And Redford...well, his eyes were like mine while driving in this hideous stuff to feed my daughter's dog while she's away. We got the same dumping as you did, Natalie. Pretty, yes but I'm already sick of it. haha! That photo of Buttercup and Honey at the door is so sweet. More videos please.

  6. "They could be on Mikonos enjoying the sunshine." But instead, they're frolicking in the Canadian fluffy stuff! And eating voles. The simple pleasures of life!

  7. I must say that I detest snow, but in someone else's back yard it's OK. Just damp and cool here for the moment, but it'll get worse.

  8. It looks just beautiful Natalie - and your Greek girls looks like they've been part of your life like forever. They look such an integrated part of the barn life. Unfortunately I can't watch the video but the images are gorgeous. And by the way, yesterday evening I had a little girl turn up at the dumpster - the spitting image of Missy! I hope she's just a passer by - she looked beautiful and cared for and luckily wasn't there this morning.

  9. It looks lovely there. That first image is stunning. I love to see them exploring the snow, how cute is that!!

  10. OMG! I love to watch the kittehs!!!!
    brrrrrr..... I´m freeze to watch this snow!!

  11. They'll soon learn that snow is a short lived novelty!
    Jane x

  12. I love this! The snow and setting are gorgeous (from afar). Watching the cats see their first snow of the year and/or of their lives is wonderful. It reminds me of the first time our desert cats stepped on a lawn. Just hilarious to watch (and they were both A LOT more cautious than your brood). And, oh, the cat doors. It took one of our cats more than 6 months to understand that, if he could PULL a partially open door all the way open, he could also PUSH it from the other side.

  13. Ha - my Canadian-born kitties won't even put a paw in it. We've got about three inches so far, but it's suppose to come down all day.

  14. That first picture could be a Christmas card! It's just beautiful. All the pictures are beautiful. I could not get the video to play. My computer, I'm sure. I need to update something?? You have such a lovely place.

  15. Trading the heat/sun for voles and snow...but....they have a wonderful home! Your photos/video are just great!

  16. Lovely

    But please check under your vehicles before moving them

  17. I love all little paw prints in pretty white snow :)
    RIP poor little Vole!

  18. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Wow, that first photo looks like a Currier and Ives print. I had a friend where we used to live in the Sierra Nevada foothills who had several cats. After a good snowfall, one of them boldly went out onto the deck of his house to investigate the stuff. The cat walked about half way out, stopped in its tracks, then walked backwards putting its feet precisely in each footprint in the snow until it got back into the house. Cats are so clever. :)

  19. Love the video , especially the vole catch :)



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