Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The turkeys are back!

It was bitterly cold today, with a windchill/frostbite on all day. The highest temp I saw on our thermometer was -22C/-7C, but when we got up this morning, it was -30C/-22F. It's supposed to warm up as the week goes on. A cold snap like this is not unusual in January here. 

The poor ducks and chickens had to stay in their coops all day, because it was too cold to let them run around the lower barn. In fact it was so cold, wild turkeys showed up at my birdfeeders for a free meal!

Isn't she cute?

Alex and Emily were enthralled with the giganto-birds right outside my office window!

"Can't you see we're busy here?!"

I'm pretty sure the cats would lose if they dared to tangle with this big bird!

And a Blue Jay flew right up to taunt Emily!

"I'll get you, my pretty. And your little blue friends, too!"

The cardinals were taking advantage of the free meal as well.

Alex kept up turkey watch after Emily left!

This turkey girl was very wary when she caught a glimpse of me at the window!

As the afternoon came to a close, the turkeys decided it was time to move on.

And off they went, across the fields and into the woods next door...

I hope they'll be back tomorrow! It's fun watching them at the feeders.

Ms. Sparrow has been having lots of turkey adventures lately too!


  1. I look at those birds and I see DINNER!!! I feel for the chickens and ducks. Do the chickens lay in such cold weather?

  2. I do love wild turkeys...such characters. We've had jack rabbits visiting for food every night.
    Jane x

  3. I love the great close-ups you got of the wild turkeys and the cats reactions to the big birds are really cute. My cock-eyed cat Sunny insists on going out on the patio every morning if only for 30 seconds. He's gotten pinned against the door several times by curious turkeys. I know they would never hurt him, but he doesn't know that!

  4. Oh, I love those ugly guys. We see them all over when driving the country roads. I had one dive-bomb my car once. That wasn't so pretty. That Emily...what a character. Look at her 'hunting'. Love the first pic of her.
    I'm just back from putting food down for the ferals. I don't know where they are,if they are ok, or what. I just keep feeding them. I can't imagine, in these freezing temperature, coming to the feeding spot to find nothing. I feed them every single night and hope they are ok. Love your photos today. Deb

  5. Looks like you need a cold spell more often as it brought you visitors. They've tried to get turkeys established here but they have not survived. I would think that,like your turkeys, if turkeys here discovered a feeder they would survive.

  6. These lucky visitors that had a lovely meal on such a cold day--you're the perfect hostess! XOXO

  7. I'm with StephenC; I'd be reaching for the .22! That's probably why they don't live here in France!

  8. Yum Turkey!!! Our favorite!

  9. Ha looks lie it's movie night for the cats!

  10. Great pics. Love the jay.
    But aren't the cats just a little further back from the window than they usually are? Now that the beaks have got quite a bit more fearsome??

  11. Wonderful photos!

  12. That is Alex and Emily in the first pic, not Naomi, right? Naomi is the tortie? :) Great photos of the big birds - amazing!

    1. Ooops, you are absolutely right, Anya, and I have corrected it. Thanks for that!! :) I have a problem with Emily and Naomi's names. I am always calling one the other.. I don't know why! :)

  13. When there are wild turkeys about - keep an eye out for deer - they are not usually too far off.

  14. I know this is about turkeys but I keep meaning to tell you I think Emily is the most beautiful tabby I've ever seen. Her coat is so cool!

  15. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Great to have the turkeys so close to the window! I've never had them come to my feeder, very disappointing, though I see them in the fields roundabout here.
    Free cat entertainment.

  16. Love seeing your pics of your birdlife Natalie.......just love the Blue Jays and to fly right up to the window.!! cheeky is that?

    Claire :}


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