Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Good thing I bought that deluxe birdseed mix!

Wouldn't want those poor starving turkeys going hungry, now would we?!

They've discovered my birdfeeders and are now making daily visits.

This morning they came charging across the neighbouring field towards our house like a feathered cavalcade.

Time to chow down. I like how the turkey in front is balancing on just a couple of toes.

Still lots of seed for the squirrels after the turkeys sauntered off.

And we still have many beautiful Northern Cardinals hanging around. Yesterday I saw five at one time, which is a record for me. 

Here's Mrs. Cardinal...

Too bad this one wasn't in focus...

...but  I like it anyway. You can see that the females have a lot of red in their feathers too.

And here's a Bluejay...

...using his beak to dig seed out of the snow.

The Turkey Channel is Emily's favourite!


  1. I can recommend organic,grow in the shade,heritage grass seed for attracting juncos. The grass won't grow,but the juncos will be well fed.
    Jane x

  2. Handsome turkeys!

  3. I like the Turkey Channel too--what beautiful feathers they have! I saw a yellow finch this morning and hoping that means that it's scouting out the area for Spring...I know with the snow, you might not feel that yet, but February is a short month, XOXO

  4. Maeve is very fond of the chicken channel and I'm sure she would love turkey TV as well! That's quite the free for all diner you have going there!

    1. I,too, like the chicken channel.

  5. Hard to believe they leave anything for the others. I would love to see them at my feeders everyday. I find them quite comical. I only wish Audrey could sit and watch them all day. She'd love it.

  6. Aren't they pretty! Ours don't come down around the house anymore. They used to roost in the trees and scare my lady. heh heh They sure do have big poopers though. Yucky.

  7. You are a gal after my own heart! There is something so rewarding about feeding wildlife and knowing that you are helping them out when food is scarce. Plus you get all those great photos!

  8. Oh love those turkeys!

  9. You have some very interesting visitors. No wonder Emily is watching them.

  10. Deluxe birdseed for deluxe birds?

  11. Hope the Turkeys leave some tucker for the others....Love the Cardinal in flight out of focus and all, so pretty.
    Such lovely, varied birdlife Natalie......

    Squirrels are such characters, I think I would be like Emily and just sit by the window all day watching the 'comings and goings' No commercial breaks.....yeeees!!

    Claire :}

  12. That last photo is hilarious! I can just imagine the little clucky sounds Emily makes as she sits there.

    Your feeding photos really make me miss our house in the Connecticut countryside. Bird feeders everywhere, suet feeders, too. It was a delight. Oh, wait, snow. Never mind.

  13. Okay that last photo...laughed really hard with that one. Just thought you might want to tell that beauty of a rooster that he is starting to move around Pinterest.

  14. Mrs Cardinal's beak is so red it looks like she's had the nail varnish on it!


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