Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just ducky!

Okay, so, I haven't even mailed out the Hen Haiku contest prizes yet, and already I am getting fabulous submissions for the "Not-even-announced-yet-so-what-are-you-a -bunch-of-keeners?" Duck Limerick Contest, like this gem from the Cognitive Dissenter:

There once was a duck named Charlie
His libido revved like a Harley
Spying Natalie's arm
He put on the charm
And she launched him right into the barley

Try beating THAT, people! No, wait, not until I announce the contest!!!

And from Katnip Lounge, a sweet little duck haiku:

Muscovy ducklings
in the egg waiting to hatch
Charlie Sheen offspring

(FOURTEEN eggs now!)


  1. aaauuuugggghhhhh!!!!!!!

    I'm FAMOUS!
    You featured my haiku.


    ha ha ha, my word is "shame", something male muscovy ducks do NOT experience.

  2. I'm looking forward to hearing more about these ducks. I just can't get past their feet (or whatever they're called) Too funny. Drop by and meet Gordon :)

  3. I can't wait!

    Charlie the over-sexed ducky
    Thought he had got rather lucky
    when he saw a skunk's tush
    in a mulberry bush
    the resulting stink was rather yucky

    I promise to do better in competition!

  4. Charlie Sheen's conquest
    Basking in euphoria
    Felt like a goddess.

  5. A challenge for Nat:
    Another Haiku contest
    But this time on ducks.

  6. Hey Nat, how good is that limerick from Cognitive Dissenter, hilarious mental image...........

    Have just had look through some older posts and found out what's been going on.........

    Weather sounds pretty unpleasant hope you get a cool change soon.

    Claire :}


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