Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bugs in the garden

Man, I hate it when life interferes with my blogging! Sorry about the dearth of posts. I took this photos September 3rd, before the first frost...

One of my honey bee girls on yellow coneflower.

An enterprising bee drinking water off my wet dog, Tristan! Can you see her little pinkish-red tongue?

A lovely monarch butterfly on the coneflowers.

Honeybee getting a drink at the bird bath.

Another butterfly, but I'm too lazy to look up the type!

Happy autumn. The little chickens have been integrated with the big chickens and all is going well. Pictures to follow.

By the way, I'm curious... who among you likes raw, unfiltered honey? There seems to be a specialty market for it so we are thinking of keeping some of our honey unfiltered (or just barely filtered) because apparently it's a specialty item that way. I am wondering just how many people prefer raw honey (I do!)


  1. You do get some great visitors!

  2. I just checked the comments from your last honey entry. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, that you'll find a way to send it within Canada. I think I like it filtered. I don't like the waxy stuff in the jar.

  3. Love the bee pics, and don't worry about blogging - we'll be here when you get back to it!

  4. Your butterfly is a fritillary. Most likely a Great Spangled, but I can't rule out an Aphrodite.

  5. So neat to see that bee drinking off of Tristan - glad it didn't sting him. Great shots of the butterflies too. I've never had unfiltered honey so I guess I don't have an opinion on the matter except that I LOVE honey!

  6. Jams, I do indeed.

    Monika, I am going to take a jar to the post office and see how much it costs to mail! I am filtering some, leaving some raw.

    WanderingCat, you are very understanding. :) How dare life cut into my blogging time?!

    HWB, I knew I could count on you!

    Shelley, the bees are pretty darn gentle when they are out foraging. I am deciding if I like unfiltered honey better... I was never much of a honey eater, only used it in cooking/baking. But now I find myself eating spoonfuls!

  7. What lovely photos. I must say, though, I've never seen a bee tongue before.


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