Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And then there were three...

Ladies and gentlemen, Phyllis Diller...

...is a man! He crowed at me four times this morning.

Time for another name change! We switched "Lady Gaga" to "Lord Gaga" (when we discovered that hen was a rooster) but I'm thinking I'd like something completely different for Mr. Diller here. I could go with just Phill but somehow it doesn't suit him, plus I have a friend named Phill who is less than impressed at the thought of having a Silkie rooster named after him.

I've also been calling him "Kitten", which doesn't suit him either. That started up because he's part Silkie, and the guy who sold us our seven freak-show chickens said that Silkies are great with kids because they are gentle and don't mind handling. "They're like kittens!" he said.

Three roosters! The hens aren't going to know what to do with themselves when the young'uns move into the coop...


  1. We are always a little disappointed when our hens become roosters! hee hee. Mr. Diller sure is cute! What a hairdo!

  2. However you name him.
    A rose is a rose....and he is a cutie! Why not keep Phillis Diller? If a boy could be named Sue...

  3. Have you considered calling him "Scarpariello"?

  4. With that punk hairdo, how about Sid? As in Sid Vicious.

  5. Haha, Phyllis Diller turns out to be a lady-killer.

  6. For some reason Bob Hope springs to mind!

  7. tee hee

    a face anly a mother could love!!!!

  8. Isobelle, we had no roosters... now we have three!!! :)

    Elisabeth, I already have one transvestite rooster (or maybe that's transgendered... I'm not sure which Lord Gaga is!) Phyllis is indeed the cutest!

    HWB, no way am I wandering around the chicken yard yelling "Scarpariello" AND YOU ARE A BAD MAN!

    I like Sid Vicious. So many good names... Bob Hope... clearly I need more roosters to give these names to.

  9. I love your "new" roo's hairdo! I have a batch of 5 young chickens of which I believe 3 are roosters. Why is it that 3 out of 5 are roos? Can't I ever get any good odds?


  10. Wow, Lynn, 3 of of 5! And I thought 3 out of 7 was impressive. :)


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