Sunday, July 25, 2010

More cool old photos!

I was scanning old photos this morning. Here are a few I liked...

Guess who? :)

My very cool Dad fixing his car antenna in 1958.

My paternal grandparents on the "Social Cycle" at Gunton Hall Holiday Camp, Lowestoft, Suffolk, 1958.

Dad with the Easter meal, 1991. He was a great cook! He died in 1992.

My uncle John and my Dad (right), c. 1932

Me and my homies, Peterborough, Ontario, c. 1968. I'm the one on the right!


  1. Anonymous10:45 am

    Great photos! The one of you with your "homies" reminds me of the one you posted of your Nanny the other day. Same exuberant smile!

  2. How come you started out so ugly and became beautiful and I started out so beautiful and became so ugly?

    Ya got a splanation for DAT????

  3. What delightful photos!

  4. What a lovely, smiling child you were, Knatolee. And you didn't change at all.Lucky us to have you around to brigthen our days!


  5. Wonderful photos! I need to get my photos out and scan them too.

  6. TTPT, I was hyper child. :)

    Nick, I got nothin'!

    Jams, glad you like.

    Claude, you are too kind. :) And I definitely had my brat moments (still do!)

    Callie, it's nice to share photos this way. I have so many to scan!!

  7. I gotta get me a Social Cycle!

  8. What a lovely, smiling child you were.i love this.
    holiday camp


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