Saturday, January 16, 2010

Love hurts...

... especially sock monkeys!

My apologies to those of you on dial-up... it's bad enough with my medium-speed satellite internet!


  1. You are killing me! I almost wet my pants. Speilburg's got nothing on you girl. Keep them coming!

  2. Is there anything in this world you can't do?

    I love it!!!!!!

  3. Always liked that song; now I'll always think of poor sock monkey and that genius carrot mobile.

  4. Anonymous8:44 pm

    OK yes, "is there anything that you cannot do???" hahah. my friend carmen and i were waiting for some office furniture to be delivered at the fac. last saturday and i was showing her your blog ... which by the way you will have a new reader (i wrote 'follower' but that just completely creeped me out). ...well if she can remember to read your blog .hahah... ok so anyway, we were just seething with jealously at the same time thoroughly enjoying the GIANT backlog of unread entries. well anyway we looked at all the pics but may not have read all the brilliant dialogue of quite a number.

    OK so yes ... another excellent video ... hahah tooo tooo TOOOOOO funny. the editing is just brilliant ... i love how the candle just matches up with the words in the music. you're just too damn clever. i know there are all sorts of editing software etc., but i also know that that takes an enormous amount of talent, patience, and skill to do make it look so effortless ...seamless.

    one of my fav songs also.

    AND guess what. ..when i got back from merry ol england, your book(s) had arrived. I showed it to carmen and pointed to your name on the cover... "I KNOW her! she's COMING HERE!!" hahahah. oh but it's just beautiful. brilliant job!!

    looking forward to meeting you and my future husband in person. hahah. :D

  5. Paula, shall I send you a box of Depends? ;) Kidding! I'm just glad you liked it.

    Willie, I can't bake cinnamon buns as good as yours! (Among other things!)

    Fran,the carrot-mobile is so funny. We hang a cabbage off that too. I am working on a video featuring the chickens and the carrot-mobile (or sometimes I call it the carrot-go-round!)


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