Monday, January 04, 2010

Is it spring yet?

Slowly and insidiously, the snow has been piling up here, centimetre by centimetre!

That said, I do love January and we had a great time snowshoeing with two friends and five dogs on Saturday!

The poor little holiday penguins are buried up to their necks, while the polar bear snuffles in the snow for a seal to eat.

The white stuff is piling up against the kitchen window, too!
Incidentally, we bought that shortwave radio to take on our 10-week southeast Asian honeymoon in 1993, back in the days before the internet. We had an American Express credit card at the time, and I remembering stopping in at various Amex offices to pick up snail-mail from home.


  1. Some very nice pictures Natalie. Love the one of your kitchen window. The tree is perfectly centered. It must be beautiful when in full bloom.
    BTW, what is your little polar bear made of?

  2. come come. it's nice and sunny here!

    happy new year to you and gordon =)

  3. PP, you are tormenting me!!! I would love to be on a beach in Sri Lanka right now.

    Paula, the former owners of this farm did a lot of landscaping around the house and planted some lovely trees. I love it.

    The polar bear is some plastic/wire contraption covered in white lights, and when it's going at night, the head moves back and forth. You've probably seen those light-up animals (Christmas decorations) on people's lawns everywhere. The penguins are the same material, just more colourful!

  4. Love the penguins.
    They are perfect in this snowy landscape.

  5. cool pics..i never see snow around us..i have to go all the way to himalay for that :)

  6. Spring is just under all that white beautiful snow, Knatolee.

  7. Hmmm, I wouldn't mind a trip to the Himalayas right now! :)

  8. Claudia, spring is under that snow, but it ain't showing its face until April! And Elisabeth, I think I should leave the penguins there until April.


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