Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Naomi, our tiny perfect kitten, is gradually becoming a tiny perfect cat.

She weighs a shade over five pounds. She's the prettiest cat I have ever had, with the nicest temperament of any cat I've ever known. She's a ray of sunshine every single day.

Here she is in the classic "cat brick" pose.

She looooves to hang on your shoulder. Good thing she doesn't weigh much! She purrs in my ear the whole time.

(Oh my God, every time I see that damn wallpaper book-border in my photos, I want to scream. We are hoping to get going with the redecorating for real this spring. Wallpaper MUST DIE. I. hate. it!!!!)

Off to take the large, imperfect dogs for a walk. Yesterday they decided to go swimming in the creek, even though it was below freezing and snowing outside. Then they refused to come when I called them (rare) because GOSH DARN IT! there are so many good things to smell after a thaw and HEY! is that a muskrat in the creek? I bet we could catch it and kill it and WOAH! coyote poop, let's ROLL in it and WOW! Do I catch a whiff of skunk on the air? and HELL YEAH! ...meadow voles under the snow!! Let's try to dig them out until Sophie's nose is raw.

Sigh. Mud season has begun.

Tristan still smells from his most recent skunking. I think he refreshes himself by rolling where the skunk sprayed in the barn.


  1. Ah yes, mud season, our puppy's first. Already I am regretting allowing him to wander the house freely. Should have stuck to my guns and kept him in the mudroom like my mother always did with us. I mean with her dogs, although keeping my kids sequestered during mud season isn't a bad idea.

  2. can I be Naomi's god mother???? Gosh I love her! Only 5 pounds?? Marvin is 14 pounds and likes to hang on my shoulder too.

  3. Wipe those paws, Cid, wipe those paws. It's only going to get worse as the thaw sets in for real! I wish I had a mud room, but we do have an enclosed front porch, and the dogs know that they have to get muddy paws wiped before they come inside. Maybe you can wipe the kids' feet at the same time! ;)

    And Shelley, Naomi would LOVE you to be her godmother. She is just tiny, feather-light. She is approximately nine months old now and very lean and long. I hardly feel her on my shoulder, which must be a bit different than having a handsome 14-lb Marvin up there!

  4. Yay, spring stink is in the air!!

    What a cutie pie Naomi is... just beautiful.

    You're too funny about that wallpaper border...our boy has reminded us that we have to redecorate his room (ie. remove the choo-choo's from the walls, now that he'll be 9 and all :).

  5. O.K. Naomi might be a lovely kitty, but her looks scare me!
    Even here we have skunks around, and I HATE mud season!!!

  6. Naomi is beautiful, truly.

  7. Monika, her look scares you because she is hypnotizing you, so that you will be her faithful slave like the rest of us!!

    Karen, I am just glad I don't have a choo-choo train border around my office. At least books are topical!

    And Shona, Naomi says thank you and wonders when you'll be booking a vacation to come spend three weeks playing with her, petting her, and hand-feeding her. HAHAHA!


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