Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Who is Lionel Tomlin?

My Dad was given this photo when he was 18. At the time he was a waiter or perhaps busboy at some swanky London hotel restaurant. Now, at some point in my life my Dad no doubt told me who this guy was, but if he did, I forget! Whoever he was, he called my Dad "Jimmy". I have never known anyone who dared call my Dad "Jimmy". James, Jim or Michael, but not "Jimmy." My Dad must have liked this Lionel guy.

I'm not positive but it looks like his last name was "Tomlin." The photo was signed in November 1948, when smoking a cigarette in a photo was oh-so-sauve.

Who is Lionel?!

Update: I think Happy Wombat Boy is right. I think this is director Lionel TOMLINSON! His signature on the pic was a bit scrawled, so I didn't catch the final "son." Now if only I could find his pic online, to be sure. I know this is all incredibly important to all of you!

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